Weird Things Girls and Guys Like in Their Partners


Weird things girls like in guys


It’s very clear that people are engrossed to things that smell nice, everyone is. But for girls this goes to a whole new level. Girls can be so in love with the scent of a boy that they would want to wear their clothes. Smelling the scent of your boyfriend in the clothes or even a pillow makes girls feel close to them. It sounds kind of weird that girls could be so in love with just a scent, but if you think about it, it makes sense. If you smell the scent of your boyfriend, it reminds you of them, even if they’re far away.

Besides the scent of himself, it’s also nice if he wears a good cologne.

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Weird things boys like about girls

Most girls think they need to dress up for a boy to make them notice her. Girls put a lot of effort in what they wear, how they wear their hair and their make-up. I’m sure most of the boys appreciate a girl for putting so much effort into this and making herself look so nice for him. But the strange thing is, boys also like to see a girl in sweatpants, messy hair and no make-up. If a girl feels like she doesn’t need to dress up for her boyfriend, she feels accepted and can be the way she truly is. And this gives boys the opportunity to truly get to know their girlfriends, they’ll get to know the real her behind all the dressing up and the make-up. A girl who can look good with and without make-up is very attractive. Boys like a natural look, so don’t over-use make-up.

What girls want from guys in a relationship

Girls really appreciate the little things in a relationship. A man who opens the door for his girl and carries her heavy shopping bags. A little random kiss or a hug could make your girlfriend feel so much better the whole day. If you really want to melt a girls heart, make her dinner, show her that you’re really trying even if you’re not the best cook. Girls like to talk about their feelings, for a man it sometimes might be difficult to reply to what she says, but just make sure she knows you’re listening. You don’t necessary have to say something back, just give her a kiss and hold her tight and you’ll already make her feel better. Let her know that you’re there for her and that you care about her feelings.


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