The Unity We Desire

For centuries now many Nigerian scholars and writers have played major roles on the emphasis of a divided country (Nigeria) with diverse cultural orientation and heritage. They bring to the debate table an idea which physically and logically is believed to be the reason for a divided Nigeria as stated by a lecturer at Veritas University; Mr Philip Vande (2012), argues Nigeria is a plural society with different cleavages-ethnicity, religion, cultural, linguistic as well as geo-political, social and economic development but ethnic heterogeneity is inarguably the most pervasive of all.

From another point of focus Nigeria seems not to be the only nation on earth have come together to co-exist with other nations to form what is known today as the Nigerian state. Even the United states were long before now a diverse people but later found the need through Choice for a common identity and unity of purpose to become a United states of America.

Now the unity desired and which Nigerians deserves were denied her, the Choice and freewill were denied her first through the forceful marriage of a Poor husband and a Rich wife’ as coined by Femi Fani Kayode which can also be known as the 1914 amalgamation and most egregiously by our visionless leaders of both pre-independence and post-independence Nigeria.

A country whose very constitution are bye-products of a military dictatorship regime is what is being floated as the Constitution of a democratic country. Now here’s one for the road and an advice for our learned politicians (if any) and our political wealth mongers for a purposeful and developed Nigeria, Nigerians have to flex their choice and freewill to stay and live together as one Nation and not being Giants of Africa by nomenclature and most importantly our Constitution needs critical and urgent visitation to provide more rooms of accommodation for a populously diverse nation devoid of ethnic biases which is to be embarked upon by our elected representatives coupled with me men of high knowledge, good will and good character.


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