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275 views | Nnenna Ibeh | April 4, 2021

Dear News Chronicles,

You’ll agree with me that power words are used to best describe our feelings; orally to those around us, inside and out. Words like hate; anger, rage, sweet, pride, vulnerable, duped, vulgar  and so on. But, these are more than mere spoken words or syllables. Situations, life, and experiences are shaped by them.

STORY VAULT intends to use true experiences with stories; each one titled by a power word to teach a thing or two about life and living as we grow to know it daily. Stories shared from men, women and even children, young and old. As a traveler; I look forward to seeing diverse cultures. As a reader, I have come to learn of most of them.

But in all this; one thing stays relevant, the power of storytelling. The story vault intends to share valuable tips; information and insights with every piece featured on this column. Once every week. I appreciate the opportunity and I pray it translates to tangible value. I look

forward to a great experience and you should too.


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