This is the Story of Life,

Where conspiracies unfold to lies

Events of Life during ones time;

Where impossible is nothing;

Foes devour the foxes

Leeches draining the horses blood

Yet all things abide by The Law of Love

Love is the theme of life

You could get love from one;

Still they sell it to another,

Careless and pray more

For all is fair in love and in war.

We met Mallam Musa;

Having four wives and many cattles,

He walked the road of life feeling lucky,

But when The reaper came-Mallam was harvested.

He died to meet his CREATOR.

I know Chief Okpetu’

Having investments and mansions;

So much for him and his numerous sons,

Life is good-he always said

Mr Reaper came,

Brought forth Ebola which sent him to his grave,

Chief died a ‘baller’,

Was buried as a pauper,for he left with nothing.

I read between the lines;

Knowing that life after death is Paramount.

Meet Hajiya Aremu;

She had a double dozen of beautiful offsprings;

Grandsprings and gold jewelry and rings.

She thought Death loved her,for he always missed her.

But on this fateful day-he met her

The Reaper came with grenades for fireworks.

She left with nothing.

What an irony.

Hear the story of life,learn from the lessons in Time.

For there are questions to be answered after the pages of life.


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