The new model will be ready in a few days – MMM Guider gives 7 tips


There have been announcements that a new model of the scheme is being worked on, and a guider posted the following information on the MMM Nigeria team support Facebook group:

1. The much anticipated New Model is completed, approved and ready for full deployment in days. The wait is almost over. Be patient with us!

2.The technical glitches/errors/limits you are encountering now are as a result of the testing and partial deployment of the New Model.

3. If you are matched to fulfill a PH order you created & you’re not willing to make payment, kindly & quickly click “I Refuse To Make Payment”, Doing that will speed up the system of rematching the order and also recipient won’t have to wait forever for a payment not forthcoming.

4. Kindly note that Account BLOCKING is PERMANENT now as thousands of participants are willing to make payments.

5. Once again, you are implored to cancel any PH order you are not willing to make payment for before it is matched. Don’t upload #FakePOP!

6. Do not create PH order you don’t have the #SpareMoney handy. You can be matched any time. BLOCKING is PERMANENT now (You lose every mavro).

7. With the New Model, #FakePOP issues will be resolved within 48hours and Uploader of #FakePOP will be permanently BLOCKED. Be warned.

Meanwhile, the Redeemed Christian Church of GOD (RCCG) has warned that it will henceforth take disciplinary action against church members who use the platform of the church to promote Ponzi schemes.

The warning was issued by the church in a memo addressed to pastors in charge of regions and provinces, by the general secretary of the church, Pastor Johnson Odesola, on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.


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