The Moment Blue Ivy Moved Her Face Off Parents’ Sexy Clip


Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s on The Run II tour show in London trended this week, but some other clips surfaced after the tour that caught the glimpse of their fans.

Dailymail UK reported that at one point when a sexy video interlude played on the giant screens, Blue’s facial expressions quickly changed.

Report has it that her face fell, her brow wrinkled, and she seemed horrified and disgusted. She then turned away, covered her eyes, and hid behind a barrier, peeking back up a few times to see if the moment was over.

The video was captured by Sara Emerson, a British Ticketmaster employee who attended the concert at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The clip shows the 6 year-old wearing a gray hoodie and standing next to a friend, who is wearing pink. It still appears to be light out, and they stare ahead at the stage.

Dailymail further reported that it was unclear what exactly happened during that particular part of the show, which includes sexy dance moves and some intimate pre-recorded videos of Bey and Jay.

She was said to have been smiling the moment the clip begins, but shortly after that her mouth turns into an exaggerated frown and her forehead wrinkles with discomfort.

Then, she turns her head to the side, obviously trying to escape looking at the screen. Unsure of where to turn, she throws her hands up to cover her face before ducking quickly to hide behind a barrier and avoid catching any of the show.

Her friend seems oblivious and continues to watch as Blue hides. She then quickly peeks her head up to see if the segment is over, realizes it’s not, and drops to hide again.

After a few moments, she seems to think it’s over and comes back up to watch, but then something on the screen sends her hiding once again. When her friend looks down at her, Blue pulls a disgusted face.

Finally, after nearly a minute of despair, Blue finds it safe to come back up.

SOURCE : Daily Mail


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