He is loudmouthed, belligerent and domineering. Yet he is vociferous, embossing and looks vengeful. He is noncompliant and dissenting of course. And even in the best of his dressing (suit and neck tie), his image cuts a shadow of a mutineer and defiant follower. Yet he is a devoted follower of Saraki.

He looks like someone on a scuffle path with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Manager of APC. It looks like there is a deep-rooted hatred between the supremo and the distinguished activist cum Law-Maker; a sort of a hanging axe to grind. But what is the conflict all about? They were never in a leadership contest any day. Yet it is clear there is love lost between the supposed father of APC and the Party new entrant.

Tuck them in a cassock; the activism in their blood would always rise above the flowing Godly-gown (Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka in view). Adorn them in a governorship garb, and the activism label undercover would always pop up, betraying the electiveness and sacredness of the state’s oval job (the comrade Governor in sight). Hide them in the Green chamber; their voices spit fire like a war drum, leaving nobody in doubt of their calling (Femi Gbajiabiamila in view).

The tale of late Gani Fawhehimi and his discrepancies with different governments here can make a novel. He was hounded many times with every government’s might, yet his voice never waned. He was incarcerated many times, yet he remained unwavering in his resolute and resolve. But Since his demise, his ‘team are still ploughing’ very healthily ( Falana, Soyinka and the host others in view)

There is always a sharp variance in their offerings, in their action, or inactions. There is always that tug of war in their comportment. There is always that unorthodox approach they bring in their quest for a change. It is a definer, an identifier of sort trailing them here and there. It is one tag tucked insidiously, but pops up spontaneously at every now and then.

I bet you – if someone should confront Senator Dino Melaye, the Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial Zone on the shouting spree that ensued between him and the wife of his party leader, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, where all manner of threats – including impeachment, beating and impregnating the distinguished female Law-Maker were issued, he would rebuff ever making such staggering statements, as he could hardly memorize all that was said during the low moment.

Sometimes, activism can be likened to a ‘spontaneous overflow of emotions’. It is now and again unintended actions. Unplanned scenarios. It springs like a pulse. Simply put – it is an impulsive reaction; ‘an emotional state characterized by outbreak of violent anger’. That was the deal that sprang up in Dino when he was described as a ‘ political Tug’ during that closed door meeting, while daring to ‘beat’ his colleagues into submission by coercion.

That was why he swiftly took a swipe at Bourdilon. Do you still remember that popular advertorial that played host to the 2015 elections? Yes, with a tag “the lion of bourdilon”. Dino directed his diatribes to Tinubu instead of the wife. The sins of the wife were instantly revisited on the husband. He told her bluntly “everybody will not come and prostrate for your husband at Bourdilon”. He told her many more things eye witnesses portrayed as ‘unprintable’.

It can no longer be hidden; the APC has been in taters since seizing powers from the PDP. While the party has refused forbearing Saraki for playing the game he is familiar with (politician shenaniganism), the executive too has refused to let go of the incident. It is following this development the rank and files in the party have pitched their tents where they think they are better sheltered while the cloud hovers around the prospects of the party come 2019.

Even as there is Saraki group in the party, they also have the dependable group to Tinubu – both groups within APC are in a logger head over the control of the soul of the party. While the Saraki group cry ‘vendetta’ at every occasion, the Tinubu group sing ‘rebellion’ at every opportunity. It is two songs the two groups have continued singing since the party seized power at the centre.

This war of wits in the ruling party has only left the polity with more drama than good policies. While one group is hell bent in turning the hand of clock to suit its whims and caprices, the other is bent on thwarting and making public every clandestine plot aimed at getting at them. While this has led to transparency in our governance to a large extent as there is barely any secrecy in the present regime any longer, one is constrained on what this portends in future.

While it is self evident Dino will swim or sink with his boss, Bukola Saraki in this game, Saraki himself appears not to waver in his battle for the soul of the office he has held for one year and counting. ‘Saraki would rather rock the boat than quit in this game’, a friend told me. The other group too, looks overly committed in their task of booting Saraki from office.

While many more drama unfold, Nigerians are only at a lost as to – where this whole imbroglio is taking them to. They are at a lost as to how these unsavory happenings bring them closer to the change they were promised during the electioneering campaign. They are at a lost as to how and when APC will halt the drama and bring the change.

Gwiyi Solomon writes from Abuja.

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  1. kay July 15, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    I don,t hate Melaye neither do i have anything to collect from Tinubu, but i hate oppression.That woman should have maintaned a low key as far as this matter is concern in the floor of the senate and allow the male counterpart to holdsway considering the fact that her husband is the allege persecutors of the principals in the senate.For her to be raising her head high again can easily trigger emotional outburst

    1. celia July 19, 2016 at 11:03 am

      @kay.. are y saying she shud stay mute and watch d nan say uncultured stuffs about her?

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