The IoD believes that Nigeria’s governing structure needs to be changed

According to the Institute of Directors (IoD) Nigeria, a new system of government that is based on the principles set forth by nationalist political leaders is required for the nation.

According to the institution, the need arose as a result of political authorities’ decreasing ability to address structural issues like election fraud, terrorist attacks, herders-farmers conflict, armed banditry, and police brutality, among others.

Dr. Ije Jidenma, IoD’s president and chairman of the governing council, made this statement at the institute’s 38th annual general meeting.

She highlighted the World Governance Index and said that Nigeria had regularly performed poorly in areas including political stability, government effectiveness, violence and terrorism, rule of law, and corruption management.

According to her, Nigeria’s systemic failure was primarily caused by a crisis of governance that revealed itself in the state’s decreasing ability to deal with a variety of internal political and social upheavals.

Political leaders are expected to recognize systemic vulnerabilities and put in place the appropriate infrastructure to collect pertinent data for problem solving, according to the IoD chief.

She claims that the lack of political knowledge needed to overcome the difficulties Nigeria has has sparked unrest across the country and heightened tensions already there.

She believed that Nigeria required a new kind of government in which the electorate’s knowledge and ability served as the foundation for political leadership.

“One cannot, however, disregard the fact that such thinking comes from societies where civic education is high and the electorate has access to information when choosing a leader. The majority of Nigerians lack political knowledge. Meanwhile, highly educated people are becoming less interested in participating in politics. They appeared to have lost faith in the legitimacy of politics and the influence of their votes, she said.

Jidenma stated that for the system to function in Nigeria, “there must be a major increase in literacy levels so that citizens are knowledgeable about the issues and can utilize their knowledge to make reasoned decisions regarding Nigeria’s political destiny. The Institute of Directors, which represents corporate governance in Nigeria, launched a number of lobbying initiatives in 2021.

The head of the Institute of Design (IoD) discussed partnerships and collaborations with various organizations and institutions while discussing how the institute performed during the period under evaluation.

She claimed that because to good administration and involvement of current members throughout branches and zones, the institute’s membership base had continued to grow.

She stated that the IoD Academy’s training programs from January to December 2021 drew a total of 1,284 participants, which represents a rise of 36% when compared to the same period in 2020, regarding the training and capacity building of directors.

She congratulated members on the previous year, which she described as impactful and packed with activities, and promised to be even more active and helpful to the Institute’s growth in the following stage.

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