The Healing Prana Series: Yatu Vidya, from Atharvaveda


A diseased body is nothing but a result of an imbalance. This imbalance can be corrected by Spiritual Healing while ensuring that the root cause of the disease is removed without any damage to the physical body. Unlike most modern medical sciences, that tend to suppress the disease or kill the diseased cell, which is the symptom, Spiritual Healing transforms the cause of the disease.

Spiritual Healing finds mention in one of the 4 Vedas called the Atharvaveda given by Rishi Angiras under the section of Yatu Vidya where it has been explained in detail.

Yatu stands for now and Spiritual Healing also happens with no time lag. It effectuates the healing from the dimension of colour. There are different colours with millions of shades in this Creation. Each shade is associated with specific attributes. Some are pleasant, soothing, some represent love, some Divinity, some stand for power, some for anger, and some are dull and depressing. All are different and have different effects on the physical. Through these colours the healer effectuates the koshas or the layers of an individual thereby affecting the physical body.

Let us do a small experiment,

  1. Sit down in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.
  2. Rub your hands together and raise them in front of you at the level of your navel with palms facing each other. Relax your complete body including your palms. Because what we are going to discuss is something very subtle.
  3. Take your awareness to the centre of your palms and keeping your awareness there take  your hands apart and slowly bring your palms closer to each other. Be aware of any sensation that you may experience in the middle of your palms.
  4. Bring your palms close but not so close that they touch each other. Take them apart and repeat the process a few times. Make mental notes of all sensations that you experience at the centre of your palms.


Now slowly open your eyes. Some of you would have definitely experienced something. A sensation of holding something in your palms which is not visible to the naked eyes.

What we all experienced by way of this exercise is our own self the way we exist beyond our physical. What we experienced was the Pranamaya Kosha (etheric layer or aura). We all would have seen photographs of evolved beings with a golden aura around their head and a gentle white layer just about their physical body. This is the layer, which you just now experienced.

This Pranamaya Kosha controls your physical body at all times. Sanatan Kriya details certain techniques by which we access the etheric layer and bring it to balance – removing any symptom before it manifests as a disease in the physical. In fact, Dhyan Ashram sadhaks gave live demonstration of the science at Indian Medical Association, where they detected the imbalances in the bodies of the subjects whose pictures were provided by the doctors, by scanning their Pranamaya Kosha.

A word of caution here. This is a very powerful science and requires certain level of consciousness on the part of the healer; certain dhyan techniques and yogic techniques are a must and it should always be facilitated by the grace of your Guru and we must follow the purifications and discipline along with the healings. Ignoring even one of the above may result in irreparable damage to the healer.

In our series on Spiritual Healing we will slowly unfold the techniques of this ancient science which are based on the basic laws of nature.

Yogi Ashwini is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Foundation and an authority on the Vedic Sciences. His book, ‘Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension’ is an acclaimed thesis on anti-ageing. Log onto to or mail to for more.


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