The Healing Prana Series: Self-Healing Technique


Our body is composed of millions of colours each with a range of its own, how subtle or gross the colour is what defines the health of your body. Disease, as per yog, is a symptom of an imbalance which first manifests in the etheric layers and is visible to a clairvoyant in the form of grosser shades or colours.  From there it makes its way into the physical body. Sanatan Kriya details certain techniques to access the etheric layer and bring it to balance – removing any symptom before it manifests as a disease in the physical.

Having discussed the fundamental concepts of Spiritual Healing in the previous article we now move on to the technique of Healing. The techniques of healing are of two kinds: Self Healing and Healing others.

In both cases, we must do some basic preparation before the start of any healing.


  1. Start by invoking the energy of Guru, because you are just a channel for the prana to flow, and the source is somewhere else.
  2. Sit in a comfortable posture with spine straight, and closing your eyes be aware of your Guru, whoever, wherever, whichever form your Guru may be in, six inches above your head.
  3. Become aware of your Anahad chakra in the form of a whitish pink lotus flower at the center of your chest cavity.
  4. Breathing slowly but comfortably become aware of this flower slowly rising upwards towards your Guru and with a flash of whitish pink merge this Lotus with the Anahad of your Guru.
  5. In self healing, keep your awareness at the vast expanse of whitish pink which you would experience after the merger with your Guru till you do not experience any discomfort in your physical without moving.
  6. After some time taking permission from your Guru bring your awareness back to your Agya chakra, the spot between your eyebrows and from there dissolve into your complete physical form washing every cell of your physical in whitish violet colour.
  7. Spend more time on the areas in your body which need strengthening or healing wishing that area to be the way you want it to be in.

yogi 9

 This simple technique is extremely effective in easing out the basic discomforts of your physical body.

Yogi Ashwini is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Foundation and an authority on the Vedic Sciences. His book, ‘Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension’ is an acclaimed thesis on anti-ageing. Log onto to or mail to for more.


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