The Hawk and The Snake..


From above the hawk watches below,

Sees what transpires under shades;how the snake swallows preys…

Without pity,mercy nor shame.

How the viper injects venom to some vein…sending them to the hall of fame..without time to pray nor to achieve their aim.

In anger the hawk vows to bring some change..

Comes down with movement so accurate to aim;just to grasp the snake.

Pause;know that when a murderer murders one by the corner,there might just be another murderer by the river who awaits to murder the initial murderer,remove his liver and bladder then sells his flesh to the wanderer.

The snake tries to take a break..spits a deadly poison to the hawk’s face….but in time of pain even a snake loses its aim..

And so the venom misses the hawk’s face.

With beaks as strong as the back of a tree the hawk chops off the head of the snake..

Now a bloody headless snake he takes to his maid.

Food has come and supper ready to be made;what then becomes of this hawk after his snake raid,after his Snake meal and after relaxing at the hawk-bay?..

Think about might blow your mind away..

Till we meet another day…but be sure to always check this domain to see how the story played.



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