The Fools and Their Foreign Loot Nko


Professor Peter Ekeh had written of African chiefs that were taken during slavery and shipped overseas when the market was drying up. As their subjects saw them arrive, they could not believe their eyes. These were the same chiefs that sold so many of them into slavery. African men of “timber and caliber” hardly send their children to schools in Africa, most of them are proud graduates of foreign high schools and universities.

 Do not mess with Nigerians. If you back us into a wall, we are known to melt into it rather than fight back. When armed robbers started attacking rich people, we built iron around our houses. Then these robbers started attacking our cars, we imported fortified armored designer luxury cars. Some of these deprived Nigerians do not give up, so they started attacking our drivers and families to and from airport. We had to start helicopter services. Looters have options after destroying Nigeria, they can seek refugee status.

 The former Presidential candidate, Falae diagnosed it well: majority of his grand children were born abroad. They are foreign citizens. If all my children are citizens of America and Britain, what happens to my legacy? It will get to a stage when many of our ruling classes die. Only a few of their children and even fewer grand kids would be present at their burials in Africa. It is too harsh and uncomfortable for them without infrastructure.  

 Please wait, it gets worse. Their fathers or grandfathers go for medical checkup and well deserved rest overseas on the advice of relatives and doctors. They do not die in Nigeria anymore. Their resting place when giving up the ghost is overseas hospitals where they think they can get some miracle cure to life. Somehow, they think their life bodies are too good for Africa where they were born but good for their dead bodies to be buried.

This writer, jealousy no go kill you sha! Anyone that has his money has the right to be treated anywhere in the world. Ok? These are the same people that made African countries poorer and more inhospitable than they ever met it. Take a richer country like Nigeria, there is no excuse whatsoever for not providing good schools and hospitals for its citizens. Poorer African countries have better schools and hospitals than Nigeria.

Before crooks decided on living overseas as refugees they must have purchased multiple mansion, cars and live- in-susies. Most of their money is hidden in the name of relatives and girlfriends overwhelmed with cash. There are young toy boys administrating justice at the pleasure of their girlfriends and their relatives spend like drunken sailors. Africans working overseas have never seen or made such money in millions of hard currencies. The cost of maintaining each of these mansions and local taxes paid in these oyinbo countries can equip and build most of our village schools and hospitals.

Our ruling classes, especially Nigerians now have a new excuse to seek refugee status in Europe and America. Boko Haram. When the Chief of (Kill And Go) Police and his cohorts that are supposed to curb terrorists are begging oyibo countries for asylum, you know the poor are more than helpless. These people are looking for ways to spend the same laundered money meant for salaries and gears to curb terrorists, outside. 

Our former Attorney General, Mike Aondoakaa is dead serious about his right to live anywhere he and his children please. So he took American Government to court to enforce his fundamental right to loot in Nigeria and spend as he wants in America. After all, both former AG and Chief of Police have information that qualifies them as valuable spies against Nigeria notwithstanding Boko Haram’s link to international terrorists.      

Moreover, Britain and America have investors’ visa that politicians and other Nigerian looters can easily afford to buy granting them and their family “rights” into these countries; unless they want to discriminate against our looters, because they are Africans. Please stay tuned for any wrong move to deny our plunderers of their privilege to enter Britain and United States where money is free speech.

If the Emir of Kano that escaped assassination can travel to Britain just to make sure there were no infectious scratches on his person and recover from the trauma of Boko Haram, you can imagine the type of nonsense these countries would want to pull in case he decided to stay put. It is in the interest of all our looters that our former AG is testing the anomaly in United States court, to put them on notice that Africans know their laws.

During the world economic recession when most of the financial houses went belly up, the brokers made money anyway, buying or selling stocks. Looters lost a great deal of money, not only to stock markets but to swindlers around the world. None of them dared complain or file court actions like citizens of those countries that recovered some of the money lost to people like Bernie Madoff or political swindler like  Jack Abramoff. 

When Dubai told its overseas creditors that it could not pay, none of them could uproot the infrastructures developed there so they had to renegotiate and settle for whatever Dubai could pay. Many Nigerians wished all those infrastructures were in their country as they hear and see pictures of Dubai. In a way, Greece, Spain and now Cyprus had to renegotiate with all except Nigerians like banker Akingbola hiding money in their banks.

Many of these African looters lost money to foreign governments when seized at the airports, as money laundering, in Swiss banks, Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Some of them even forgot their account numbers and died without touching the money while people at home suffered. Those of them planning to enjoy their loot at the end of their lives in foreign countries forget that their deaths have no day, month or year.

 It takes human cruelty to man to think they can starve people of infrastructure, destroy the future of African children while they and they children live as first class refugees abroad. These looters are digging holes for the future generations after they went to free schools, paid training in Armed Forces and jobs for life. As politicians they set their own salaries and get paid more than overseas politicians they run to  grant them refugee status.


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