The first two major memos Buhari must treat


Mr. President sir, I wish I could spare some time to appreciate God almighty, the God of all flesh for sparing your life, and counting you among the living today, as that reflects the prayers of most Nigerians, but life exigencies will not permit me such time.

I wish also, I could have the luxury of time to whisper into your ears, thoughts and wishes of Nigerians while you journeyed in the chilly but beautiful cities of the United Kingdom in search of good health, but events too, will not allow me.

Without further delay, sir, I am sure Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, ‘youthful and intellectual’ as described, vice and now, former acting President of Nigeria, would have, within a few hours of your return from vacation, briefed you on a number of pressing issues of National interest that paid homage to your vacation?

For fairness sir, Prof. Yemi was the leadership quintessence Nigeria never knew until your vacation. Just like the wind, he blew from the North to South and from the West to East; charging governance and creating no vacuum whatsoever.

While this lasted and he operated on a “borrowed shoes” as he accepted, he faced every happenstance here ‘very loudly and clearly.’ And then, Nigerians appreciated and cheered him, much as you would have done upon arrival.

He was quite round-headed, firm and tested. He was meek, humble, calm and responsive, even to the point of comparism. But I digressed as that is not the topic for today.

So, back to the trenches sir. I am sure Yemi would have provided you with a novel-like memos, if not a mountain- like record book, upon your arrival, as part of the numerous things that ensued in your absence. Among heap of incidences Yemi would have dropped on your desk, are two major areas, requiring drastic actions sir.

One, the South African Embassy in Nigeria must go down without further delay, while the documents capturing the bilateral tie between both countries should be thrown into a trash can or probably drown by the Lagos Lagoon, as what Nigerians experience in South Africa have fallen below relationship standards.

South Africa must, as a matter of necessity, reason or by extension, forceful coercion, move their business interests in Nigeria such as MTN, DSTV, GOTV, Shoprite and many more of their ventures back to their Rainbow country, since realizing they can live without others.

This is because Nigeria can no longer continue to play the big brotherly role in Africa at their own expense, detriment and peril. We can no longer continue to tolerate and treat a country that periodically goes for our jugular, with every ammunition within its arsenal as a brother and in the spirit of same.

The senseless and conscienceless killings of Nigerians in South Africa is as painful as it is uncalled for. Coming from a fellow African brother, known for its joint efforts in the then war against colonialism as co-championed by Nelson Mandela, the seasonal spilling of blood of Nigerians and some other African countries in South Africa is not just an obscenity but evil on rampage.

But we have continued to endure this avoidable and provocative insanity without any impulse to fight back. Good enough, there is a limit to which one can endure injustice and callousness. And I think Nigeria has gotten to that level of patience and can no longer accept to be pushed further.

Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa must be reminded a quote, “The people of Zambia are peace-loving people. But they will fight back if you push them to move faster than they want to move,” Kenneth Kaunda, noted in his classic, “Zambia shall be free”.

Meanwhile, South Africans cannot continue to kill and maim Nigerians at will in the name of Xenophobia, while we look and take them for a joke, when of course, they are not playing pranks, but the game they chose and rehearsed repeatedly before its actually execution.

Jacob Zuma should know Nigerians are tired of watching him engage in rhetoric, without making frantic efforts to outlaw xenophobic reoccurrences in his country. We can no longer continue to be at the receiving end of a country’s aggression and brutality as Nigeria has enough baggage to contend with. Take note sir!

Two, there was, while your vacation lasted a “gale” of disturbing, avoidable and discouraging deportation of Nigerians across the world, following reasons that are not only, mainly unfounded but fairly unjustifiable.

While the bulk of the deportees arrive from different parts of Europe, many more are beginning to be deported from co-African countries; leaving most Nigerians in shock as to reasons why we are beginning to be rejected and subsequently, ejected by foreigners.

While this trend is unacceptable to Nigerians, inquiries, as a matter of urgency, should be conducted into the causes of such ill-wind that blows us no good. Nigerian embassies in the affected countries should be directed to have a face to face interactions with their hosts, as to quicken the resolution of the trend.

Meanwhile, if in the end, the host-countries are found culpable in the impasse, similar measures should be meted on their nationals and their business interests here, as no one is more important than each other in mutuality.

But where the affected Nigerians are guilty as expressed, efforts should be geared towards their rehabilitation and resettlement in our home-country, to contain increment in crimes and criminality here, while apologies should be extended to their host-countries.  Urgency please!

Gwiyi Solomon writes from Abuja.



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