The Dark Continent


It’s lengthy but worthwhile….please, have a happy read!

The outcome of an inauspicious continent like Africa was expectedly due to the lack of light shining through its head, as regard nothing at all had been put in place to let a light shine at the end of every dark corners of the continent.

Then, what do you think of the Africa continent?

Inspired by one of Donald trump memo to Africans and a conversation between a White man, who told and defensively analyzed facts to a Gambian traveler, about to why he thinks every white man is constantly assumed to be a SUPERIOR to an African fellow of any sort irrespective of his status or personality. Despite we are all humanly the same, perhaps differs in body pigmentation or maybe sound mind with functional psychosomatic state. So, I felt certainly a part of his argument was indeed true. However, in my utmost opinion, the only continent which had refused to make valor out of civilization is no other but Africa!  We are so lost and haven’t found our ground yet in it.

How could it be that not even a single one out of many Africa countries has risen above poverty? Why have we chosen to be so unproductive? What are our desires about life? What do we have to give to nature and be expectance of the favor we have rendered to it? Do you and I, as Africans desire greatness or choose rather to be played around by the America and European? Just what have we done or need to do as Africans?

Is Africa a truly dark continent?

From dusk to dawn, many souls were lost and talents worth a life treasury killed as regard the loot and slavery our leaders made out of their subjects. “Walt” arguably said the African leaders were major culprits responsible for the ill fate of Africans, as he claimed that, the masses were always keen to make a means for them to survival. On a contrary to this, other continents around the globe aside the American and European, had suffered the same ill- fate as much as we do but they had obviously long forgotten about it, they had sharpen their knives from been blunt, gathered their resources; attained a endless bond of fraternity amidst their subjects; trained their youths and discharge them all on the field to till their soil; bend their metals and gave their best at discharging their duty towards the development and sustainable economy free of slavery as well as earned total freedom and empowerment. They were even ready to pierce their knife through the heart of those who colonized them if need be…..but why? Maybe because they had being alert to know how much they had been exploited and extorted of their resources or maybe more.  I leave you to ponder just about other reasons why the case might be so.

As I was saying, Africa continent had always had and has leaders that are dumb, stupid but selfish.  It’s certain we’d refuse to think, use our brain, or show capability and act to restructure each and every countries in the continent, so was the reasons we get crumbles from the white men despite all they took from us because they knew it’s what we deserved…because we are such losers even in our own land.

Africans are lazy! It’s so glaring that’s the problem. Certainly, we have got the same brain as the White men but we barely give a task to it to make yield of an astonish outcome worthy of making a three sixty degree transformation in each of our countries, let alone continent.

Firstly, starting with the food we consume daily, no Africa country has a record to have ever produces enough agricultural goods to feed its nation. Nigeria, as giant as it considered being the nation with the highest percentage of manpower amongst the black race could barely feed its teeming population at the expense of the masses having to suffer for it but, of course their lives were no exemption in paying for the price. What happened to technology in our various countries? Where are the trained engineering graduates from our prestigious universities who are suppose to develop some basic tools and machines to make our lives worthwhile, as well as increase productivity of agricultural produce? Why on earth do we care less about the betterment of our lives?

That’s simply a fact I still could not understand about us.

Consequently, we should remember never to forget that, the United Nations would always bring rice and other staple crops to help Africans….yes! That’s indeed a tremendous help but does anyone thinks they’d brought foodstuffs of good quality to us? Of course not!  We probably might be asking for too much if anyone thinks they will or should. Why on earth should a nation give her best to help another if she merely has the best to feed her own subjects?

We only get crumbs of the grains that have been stored up for decades just so we could live for as much as we can….At least they had help in a way they could. They’re indeed their brother’s keeper!

poverty-300x181What about the water we drink? Imagine, we still have some villages in Africa, like Shakira village in Kaduna state of Nigeria, some in Kenya and Gambia to mention a few that still have countless number to lives lost to poisoned water in this century. It’s disheartening to know we are still far behind that we could hardly safe guard our drinking sources to produce healthy and body friendly water for us to consume….what a continent!

Africans are so blind to see the threat in the kind of life they live, danger in their environment, food they consume and water that we drink…why? Because our continent is so dark that we could barely see the menace of our laxity and how much we need to do just to put on the light……

4500Secondly, youths and education is yet another quandary in the Africa continent. The best university in Africa might be rated 56th(fifty six) in the world, that’s how much the face of education had deteriorated or has always been. We are not so concerned about proofing to ourselves or the world how well we could do than the best. Our researchers, perhaps trying their best but obviously not enough to bring about positive influence in each of their countries; the youths in the continent had being blind by the prolong darkness, and its why none could see how much they are wasting away and relegated in the world for their fickleness towards the world advancement.

In Nigeria, government barely gives scholarship to students to study abroad but when they do, it depressing to know they barely fund the fee till the end. The lack of continuity would make sure youth at some point are left to face his fate and miseries of life in a strange land. Trust the white men; they are so good at buying people to their sides especially when it’s an individual to make absolute contribution to their country, which might give fortune.

In the case of an African abandoned by his own people, he grabs the opportunity just like a fact that his life was dependent on it. I know even you would allow yourself to be bought by the savior or friend who says ‘come, let me help you’….I say the white men would continue to have more of our subjects on their sides and have them point guns even at their own subjects.

As I was saying, I mean, Africa countries save one had all been colonized, just as much as the Asian continent. Have you wonder just how they have being able to turn the table round for good? I’ll tell you!

I think a country like Japan practically knew they have being subjugated and extorted deeply, and the only way they could probably get to redeem and reinstate their glory was to learn from their grand tutors and become their own boss. They discharge their youths to the American and European world to learn all about education and technological ideas. They were to master everything before finding their way back home and have each of them contribute all they have learnt to the development of their own country at the expense of having all hands on deck to make the change.

Anyone could tell it must have been hard but worthwhile. It was indeed a brave thing to do. So does China, Indian, Korea to mention a few did make a difference despite all they went through. Most Asian countries were just as poor as the African continent.

The only difference was that, their governments were quick to learn from their downfall and did extremely bulk of work to assert and protect the future of the country. Slavery was sure put out, if not to an end but almost to the barest level and make their societies relevant to the world’s development in present time; they had at the same time taken the best of things civilization had offered.

What did we make of civilization? What is our rank in the world as of now? Africans had only put up with the negative vibes in it and we are busy losing our heads over the inconsequential things Americans had and keeps throwing at us. Our government had failed to identify that such were and are mere baits, and her youths have so rub themselves of the future. It’s so much of a boring issue to fathom.

Apparently our dead culture is a story for another day. It’s certain the white men would continue to feed us with spiteful words and we might have nothing to do but to depend on them for the rest of our lives, if we don’t intend and strive to lighten up our continent.

 Yeah, it might seem like mountain Everest, but we can! We all are agents of change, so could we change our own world; make ourselves kings and queens in our universe; be strong and be there for one another; we could be relevant and productive enough to bring forth remarkable changes to the world at large.

The youths should really wake up and be upright to sustain her future, rise to be persistent at transforming our nations into a brighter world because countless number of sunny days awaits us in our Continent; let’s create avenue to make a better persons out of ourselves.

While the government officials should sincerely, whole heartedly and carefully help raise the nations beyond the world’s expectations. Let all African leaders come together, talk things over; re-strategize, show high degree of sorority and help stand against ruining the continent but uphold a progressive, ambitious and self sustaining economy.

We can, even if crawling might be the option to begin with!

Let’s think, be brave and ready to fight back the intimidators not with war, rather proof our worth with actions that, we are also relevant in this world. Just then we can displace their doubt about us. We need to profer solutions to cure our continent at large before the continent itself peters out. Our unison at lightening the Dark Continent would realistically and frantically make the world accept us not as leeches rather as true black HUMAN RACE worthy of life and every good thing it has to offer.

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is so true! Africans are lazy, naive and in all, dark!! We are all shouting poverty, what have we done to help ourselves and the nation at large? I bet Africans are still waiting for her saviour when we have the resources to help ourselves,we need implementation and that’s it. I love this write-up, God bless you for this.


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