The Center Can Not Hold

My life experiences in Nigeria has taught me that at best leadership in Nigerian entails wonderful speeches, herd like followership usually a factor of ethnicity and religion, promises unlimited and then election !
After that we go on an auto pilot until months into the next election, the leadership returns just ike a vicious cycle, convincing everyone on how impeccable a leader they are.
Leadership does not in the least include security which is the bed rock of any viable society.
Or how would one explain the continuous, inglorious and incessant menace in the north east and middle belt region, fueled by religious differences and pampered by same “auto-pilot” leadership!
How can one explain the inability of the leaders to arrest a security situation that has ravaged the people and scuttled the unity of Nigeria for years on end in the plateau! Is it the followers that bestowed their trust in the leaders during elections which is only when these leaders are prominent that would give them a blue print on how to secure their lives and property!
This is preposterous to say the least!
RIP to the over 200 lives lost in the recent crises in plateau state.


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