The aftermath of depression

A lady in Mpape, Abuja committed suicide because her new boyfriend was linked sexually to so many women around her vicinity. 

She committed suicide because she became depressed.

Dear readers, it is easy for you to think that the last thing that can occur in your mind is taking your own life. It is easy for you to also think that it is a deluded and stupid person that would take their lives because of a partner who usually isn’t all that, decided in their magnanimity to cheat on them.

The person may be deluded but stupid, I do not think so.

Depression is the aftermath of prolonged sadness. It is a mental health condition usually characterized by a secluded and reclusive lifestyle that needs to be treated with all sense of urgency and seriousness.

Every human is more than likely to be sad at some point in their lives but it becomes debilitating when people do not have a social network or support system to help them surmount life pressing issues. 

In her case, her “support” is the cause of depression. This all starts with anxiety. She thought that life made no more sense as the place she thought she found rest was actually non-existent. A deep feeling of betrayal can lead anyone to a feeling of emptiness.

At this point, she needed counselling. Someone to tell her that life transcends the little cocoon she found herself. That life is bigger and beautiful. The fact she met someone who wasn’t willing to fulfil her heart desires does not remotely mean that she is not going to meet many more people who will love her regardless of her shortcomings.

But she clouded her sense of reasoning with what was happening around her. All she could see at that moment was a broken promise and relationship. This is typical of depressed people.

Sadly depression untreated can lead to suicide. 

Dear readers, whenever you feel depressed, seek counselling. Talk to mature friends or family. Preferably talk to professional counsellors or medical personnel. They are trained to help you. 

Anyone can be depressed. Let’s realize that depression is a curable disease.

There are helplines to call when you fill depressed or battling with suicidal ideation.

There is the Nigerian suicide hotlines from Nigeria suicide prevention initiative.

These numbers are +2348062106493 +2348092106493.

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