Tesla Cyber Trucks To Sell For $60,000

Tech guru Elon Musk has introduced Tesla’s Cyber Truck, starting at a price of $60,990, which is more than what was initially estimated. 

After overcoming production problems, Tesla finally revealed the truck at an event.

Elon Musk personally delivered some trucks to special recipients during a live-streamed event on his social media platform.

The Cyber Truck comes in different versions, with the cheapest one expected to be available around 2025. However, the more expensive models might arrive next year.

An expert suggested that the Cyber Truck might cost more than expected and that Tesla needs to increase production to bring the price down.

There is uncertainty about whether the truck will be profitable or even get canceled.

Elon Musk acknowledged the production challenges but emphasized that the truck is more than just a showpiece.

Initially, the truck was supposed to range from $39,900 to $69,900, but considering various discounts and savings, it might cost around $49,890.

Elon Musk said he is confident that the truck will cater to different buyer needs, calling it both a good truck and a sports car.

The Cyber Truck boasts impressive performance features, such as high speed and strong towing capacity, outdoing some other trucks in its category.

However, it is costlier than some other electric and normal trucks from different brands.

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