Tech Startup RevenYOU, Recruits 3000 Teams From 24 Countries


Last week the start signal was given for the RevenYOU League. A competition that will last half a year with the assignment: ‘Develop the best algorithm’.

More than 3,000 developers, traders and data scientists worldwide have already signed up for this unique race.

For the trading platform of RevenYOU, the developers are of great importance. They ensure that the open-source platform will be filled with all possible algorithms to achieve the best ROIs for investors.

In order to recruit these developers and introduce them to RevenYOU, the team developed this competition.

For six months, every two weeks there will be a live broadcast from the studios in Rotterdam. During this broadcast, all results will be discussed and various tips & tricks will be given.

The prize pool that RevenYOU makes available is quite something.

In total, 1,000 ETH will be given away throughout the competition. These prizes will be awarded in YOUtoken, the currency of RevenYOU.

The prizes are divided into different phases, in such a way that everyone has a chance. This to increase the enthusiasm; the final winner will go home with 350 ETH, converted about $ 200,000.

The developers from all over the world also come in line with the international aspirations of the organization.

Varying from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Cameroon, South America, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and much more.

The app RevenYOU is an open-source platform where investors and individuals can find each other, without the intervention of banks or other financial institutions. You can see the benefit of this in the earnings.

Both for the private and the quant, there are many times higher earnings. “In this way we ensure that the less wealthy people can also benefit from higher ROIs”, says Michiel Stokman, one of the founders of RevenYOU. “From 25 dollars and via your smartphone you can already invest via the RevenYOU app”.


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