Tearful woman smiles at her friends as she’s executed in Texas for torturing and beating mentally disabled man to death

Suzanne Basso held back tears and smiled at her friends as she became the fourteenth woman to be executed in America since the resumption of capital punishment.

The 59-year-old woman was found guilty in 1999 of leading a group of thugs to viciously torture and murder Louis ‘Buddy’ Musso, a mentally disabled man she convinced to move with her to Texas with the promise of marriage.

Executions of women are uncommon in the U.S. and only five women in Texas have been put to death since the Supreme Court resumed capital punishment in 1976.

Texas, which executes the most death row convicts out of any state, has stopped giving last meal requests so Basso had the same dinner as all the other inmates: baked chicken, fish, boiled eggs, carrots, green beans, and sliced bread.

Basso was led into the execution room around 2:15pm, wearing her white prison uniform.

When asked by the warden if she had any last words, Basso said: ‘No sir’.

She seemed to be holding back tears when she smiled at two friends watching through the window. She mouthed a word to them and nodded before being injected with the lethal drug pentobarbital.

After the lethal injection. Basso began to snore, though the snoring became less audible and eventually stopped.

She was officially pronounced dead at 6:26pm, 11 minutes after the drug was administered.

Justice for Buddy: Suzanne Basso (left), 59, was put to death Wednesday night in relation to the 1998 torture slaying of Louis ‘Buddy’ Musso (right), a 59-year-old mentally impaired man with the intellect of a 7-year-old, near Houston


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