Tambuwal Denies Plans to Dump PDP

Speaker of the House of Representatives Aminu Tambuwal has denied lingering rumours that he plans to dump the PDP. The Speaker made the denial while fielding questions from journalist at Benin Airport yesterday.

President Jonathan had accused some top functionaries elected on the platform of the PDP of working for the opposition. “In a situation where somebody is in a particular party but his faith is in another political party. For those who are not holding political offices, yes, you can excuse. But if you are holding an elective office, you won’t be in that party and be working for another party, otherwise, why are you there?”,  the President was quoted as saying. He warned that the ‘new PDP’ would not condone such indiscipline and would not hesitate to wield the big stick.

Aminu Tambuwal was given a rousing welcome at the airport by top members of the A.C.N led by the State’s Deputy Governor Pius Odubu. Top-ranking members of the PDP in the state were visibly absent from the airport ceremony.

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