Supreme Court Injunction: Rivers APC accuses Wike, Abe of Sabotage


The interlocutory injection recently granted against the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers state by the Supreme Court has been described as an eye opener to the plots by Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike and Senator Magnus Abe to Sabotage President Muhammadu Buhari’s chances in 2019.

A chieftain of the APC in the state, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, who was reacting to the comments of Governor Wike and Senator Abe after the injunction said that, this confirmed his claims that the Senator “is a mole of the Governor and his party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the APC, who had only stayed back all along to Sabotage the party and the chances of President

Buhari during the 2019 polls.”

He, however wondered the reason why the Governor and his alleged ally, Senator Abe, were celebrating the injunction as if it would have any effect on the chances of the Governorship candidate of the APC in the State, Arch Tonye Cole, explaining that the duo had taken the meaning of the injection out of context.

According to Eze, the manner in which this duo have proven that they are hell-bent on destroying APC in Rivers state, thereby weakening the electoral success of President Buhari, is no longer in doubt.

Considering how they mobilised their supporters to celebrate the outcome of the Supreme Court setting aside of the Interlocutory Injunction by the Appeal Court against the State High Court of Chinwendu Nwaorgu, that set aside the congresses of Rivers state of May, Eze said that this exposes the evil plot against the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari and fortunes of APC in Rivers state.

“This funny duo forgot that an Interlocutory Injunction is granted when a matter is ongoing, it ends when judgment is given. Simply put for their education is that the  Supreme Court simply requested the parties in contention to go back to the Appeal  Court and argue their positions accordingly which they did on 23rd October 2018 when the two parties or groups approached the Appeal  Court Port Harcourt to argue their cases”, Eze added.

Throwing more light, Eze highlighted that there are 3 pending Appeals before the Court of Appeal: (1) Appeal against the Order of Interlocutory Injunction restraining APC from holding congresses, (2) Appeal against the Order of Mandatory Injunction Setting Aside the Election of the Party’s Executive Members in Rivers State, and (3) Appeal against the Final Judgment of the High Court of Rivers State. Appeal on 1 & 2 seem to have been overtaken by the final judgment, which is the subject matter of appeal.


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