Strange scenes from Benin Kingdom..

The great Benin Kingdom is know for having preserved its cultural heritage and guarded it jealously over the years. Below are some very strange pictures from the coronation ceremony of the new Oba.
Strange photos 22
Strange photos 14

There are myths that at some point in the cause of the coronation, the Oba and the kingmaker who is crowning him, gets to disappear, and only me would know where the crown is placed on his head.
Strange photos 2
The source who spoke under anonymity, told our correspondent that these photos are from Ogbelaka and Eguadase Royal Guilds of Benin Kingdom. The dance is called Ekassa. According to the source, the dance is done by only men dressed in white robes and they would do it daily until the coronation is over.
Strange photos 21
Strange photos 7
The source informed that the crown prince was at the time, at the Uzama palace where the coronation rites are being performed. Adding that it is at the designated place that the dance would end daily.
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