Stop Celebrating the Culture of World’s Worst Poverty

How pretentious is the celebration of God’s blessings in disguise for poverty? Stinking odious. Some folks call it heartlessness, others label it suffering and smiling, trying to cope with the rich Tunde, Emeka and Braimoh. The saying that when the rich don’t have the poor to eat anymore, they would be eating one another has gone awry in most African countries, especially Nigeria.

Human kidnapping for ransom was limited to oil producing areas where foreigners were taken by gunmen. Unfortunately, it has spread. Others African countries are on alert-watch for them. While the rich have access to the treasury and Government contracts, the poor are killing one another for rituals or 419. Yet, hardly fail to pay pastors’ tithes and meet witchcraft’s demands.

If there is so much money in Nigeria, many Africans ask, does it ever run dry and why are Nigerians fleeing their country while foreigners, especially Europeans, Americans and Asians consider Nigeria the best place to make crooked easy money. As long as you can hold your nose for a while! Desperation to strike it rich by kidnapping, selling body parts or praying for miracles with tithes for God to pick up their calls, otherwise head for the sea and desert.

Exposé of latest pad/gear money can buy from humongous houses, exotic cars to imported pencils can be found in the country harboring the poorest number of people on earth.  Angry poor people window shopping, hired drivers of exotic cars or those posing for pictures by others’ cars and houses: just to post them on social media thanking God for faked blessings.

They want to let friends, enemies, colleagues and admirers know that they have also made it like crazy. Obsession with money, Monkey see, monkey do.  One of the polls put Nigerians as the happiest people on earth. Wow, typical suffering and smiling. When you conduct surface polls without understanding the cry for help, you report foolish statistics instead of hoping against hope. Something has to give; we finally created the poorest people on earth by vanities.

Most of the people that made their money the old fashioned ways are too careful with fortune. They do not spend on frivolities, on a whim without thinking wisely or planning well ahead. Unfortunately, desperation make other hustlers break their own necks because of the callous and indifferent impostors claiming hard work, blood and sweat before they made their money. It could be blood alright but nothing that has to do with hard work and sweat.

The ones that spend conspicuously to spite, brag and instigate others into devilish or immoral acts at home and abroad have never seen, enjoy or raised by God fearing parents in progressive communities where they are taught discipline and humility before success. It is one thing to struggle hard to be successful in life, but quite another to go on a rampage in the world looking for victims to devour for riches. Money can’t make you, you make money. Bi omo ti koje obe ri.

When some people come from poor and desperate environment, dignity and morals are cast aside. They sell whatever they can for notoriety for short survival goal. Including their bodies as prostitutes, still on a higher downward trend to selling their body parts. When humans are taking videos of their fellow humans literally licking their asses: inhumanity of man to man.

You then wonder why little girls that are supposed to be pursuing high school or college diplomas for a better future, are following and doing as their seniors. Young girls thank God for capturing the golden fleece of their elders standing at attention between their bosoms and all. Well, there is something about young ladies that provide natural Viagra to older men. The side effect of Viagra could be fatal but young beautiful girls give juice in prolongation of hedonic life.

There was this rich man that has lost interest in sex. He stopped using Burantashi and Viagra because of the side effects it had on him. So, the wives figured that he was getting old. You may not understand old men running after younger girls. As long as the girl is not underage. Royals and elites give their daughters away to fellow royals and friends so that they do not marry a commoner that will drain their wealth or redistribute their riches to the lower class.

The filthy rich old man then consulted a wise man from his village who told him that: in order to reinvigorate his spirit and libido, he must look for Natural Viagra. He explained the side effect he had from Viagra. The wise man told him Natural Viagra he prescribed is a beautiful young lady. Wow, he had noticed a pretty young girl that was fond of him but not in any sexual way, he thought. In short, the girl turned into a lover and became another one of his wives.

He was cured! Even his older wives started getting visits which they had given up on. This is what young men that will do the same when they get older, do not understand. There is some natural energy in young wives. Since beauty is transient, the young ladies must be sponsored to colleges of choice. It is not the taste of every young girl but it is also true that some do marry to get out of poverty. It does not mean those falling freely for old men are forced or irresponsible.

We can understand their age groups labelling older men ancestors; to leave the girls for them as if they would not do worse when God picks up their calls. We must be worried about those that cannot wait to work hard, looking for a shortcut to riches by any means possible or necessary. They never live long enough to enjoy the money made from evil adventures, by hook or crook. They are paraded at home and abroad facing death penalties.

Unfortunately, African countries have not met expected standard. African leaders are still mesmerized by the vanities abroad, sold to them as ready-made commodities while sensible countries are moving beyond vanities to build their own homes into economic giants that must be respected and negotiated with as equal partners, not subordinates.

Those that got away with colonization of Asia in the past centuries are now facing new generation that are wiser, savvy and better educated. While countries like China, Korea or Japan learned from their oppressors, they are now in positions where they can negotiate terms and agreement on equal footing. Indeed, the fear of past oppressors is that they are losing their grip on the world economy since every country is taking advantage of them. No, getting wise!

How are you doing Africa!

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