Stone Cold Steve Austin talks about Roman Reigns’ future in WWE

Austin believes Reigns could become an even bigger star for WWE in the future

The Rattlesnake’ discusses the recent booking of Roman Reigns.

What’s the story?

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin recently appeared on Lilian Garcia’s podcast, ‘Making Their Way To The Ring’, and gave his thoughts on the ever controversial Roman Reigns.

The Background

‘The Big Dog’ is probably the most discussed wrestler on WWE’s current roster and has divided fans of the company over the last few years.

Austin is no stranger to discussing the hot topics in WWE and does so regularly on his own podcast, ‘The Steve Austin Show’. He has become the latest wrestling personality to weigh in on the Roman Reigns discussion and did so on the latest edition of former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia’s podcast.

The heart of the matter

Speaking on ‘Making Their Way To The Ring’, Austin suggested that Reigns could become an even bigger star in the wrestling business in the future than he is now.

“I think Roman Reigns is going to be a big star — he’s a star right now, but he’s going to be a big star if he just keeps going down the road that he’s going and he’s going to figure it all out he’s not necessarily just a natural to the business, but he’s very, very good and he’s only going to get better”

‘Stone Cold’ went on to comment on Reigns’ recent booking and the storylines that he’s been involved in.

“You know some of the story lines haven’t been so good and you know when you gotta shove someone down people’s throats they gotta get a gut full of it sometimes and they got a gut full of it because you know maybe some of the lines that they had written for him weren’t the greatest ones ‘I’m not a bad guy, I’m not a good guy, I’m the guy’, kinda corny,”

However, Austin did go on to praise Roman’s match with Braun Strowman at Payback and suggested that some fans are analysing things a bit too much.

“Well people watching the business these days, they’re watching what the guys are doing and then they’re thinking about the writing.”

What’s next?

Reigns’ immediate future is unclear after his current rival, Braun Strowman, was written off of television this past Monday on Raw so he could recover from an elbow injury. Strowman is expected to be out of action for four to eight weeks.

The long-term destination for Reigns is rumoured to be another match against the reigning Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, at WrestleMania 34.

Author’s Take

I do agree with Steve Austin that Reigns could be an even bigger star in the company than he currently is. However, I believe that Reigns does need to turn heel before he achieves this success.

There is clearly a disconnect between him and the core WWE audience, but if they are to capitalise on this and make Reigns the most hated villain in the company then I believe Vince and co. could get the babyface Roman they desire further down the line, once he has won the fans over.

Until then, ‘The Big Dog’ will continue to be rejected by the fans and will never be accepted by them as the face of the company.

Source: sportskeeda


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