Still Voice


Nothing significant was ever said

nothing that mirrored the import

of how things were said.


The gravitas, pomp and opinion

that becomes more meaningful

by being repeated!


Who can hear above the wittering?

None but the echo

of all that was said,

the sense of déjà-vu again,

day-in day-out,

their voices as your own,

the crushing repetition of no-sound

now lost.


And with all of this

thought’s companion goes AWAL,

pushing passed language to the corral

of characters that bleed into leech-basins

as safe-ways to a deeper understanding,

when time’s knowing is no-thing,

the embrace of Aolian’s seen-unseen,

with-in us yet, perhaps, from beyond.








Professor Kevin Sludds

Professor Kevin Sludds is probably the only philosophical therapist in Ireland. He is also a professional ethicist with 20 years’ experience of teaching, consulting and training. Kevin is recognized in Ireland and abroad for his innovative and progressive work on Emotions and Ethics in the workplace. He has worked in Europe, Africa and India and published widely. In fact, he was formerly Head of the Department of General Studies at Baze University, Abuja. Despite this, Kevin is a very modest man, which is why some of his works are published under a pseudo name. However, among his known books are: Emotions: Their Cognitive Base and Ontological Importance and The Incurious Seeker’s Quest for Meaning: Heidegger, Mood, and Christianity. Kevin is a recipient of a number of awards, including two national poetry awards.


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