(Sponsored) A Cake for Everyone


For every occasion mot to miss out in spice, it always comes with food and cakes. In fact, an event without a cake, or something baked and also without a food, is incomplete.

At Cmee’s cake, we are dedicated to giving your occasion that very spice.

With Cmee’s cake, you are sure to get everything mouth-watering that will make your event a reference point. We will make your event complete with tantalizing snacks and cakes.

Not just that, we also cook sumptuous delicacies for your birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

We got you covered on the ‘stomach department’ for your special day and at very affordable price too!

That’s not all. We also offer training to anyone who is interested in learning what we do, at very convenient packages and prices too.

We treat our clients so well that they always come back and even come with many more recommendations.

Now guess what? For every recommendation, you earn yourself a box of six cupcakes from us! Yes, we are that nice!


So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today through our contacts below;

08032982784     07059039959

Goshen House Aezile Block 1 Environmental Quarters, FHA Karu, Abuja


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