Some Christmas Memories that Every Nigerian Child can relate to


For those of us born in the 90’s, Christmas was always the best time of the year where we get to eat, drink, merry and visit neighbors. Like, we get to have fun to the fullest without our parents raising their brows. Yesterday, when I was roaming the streets of Twitter, someone tweeted, “I miss how Christmas felt when I was a kid”. In as much as a chuckled at the tweet, I couldn’t help but share the same view. Christmas as a kid was lit.

If you are in my league, you know those born in the 90’s, below are some of the Christmas memories each of us can relate to;

  1. The Holiday Excitement;

I remember those days in school, whenever Christmas holiday was around the corner, it leaves us very excited. I mean the thought of taking a break from school bells and class works leaves us singing the popular song,

“Holiday is coming, holiday is coming,

No more ringing bells, no more ringing bells

Goodbye teachers, goodbye fellows,

We are going home;

Holiday, Holiday..”

  1. Christmas meant having new stuffs;

I remember those days when my mum would go shopping probably on the 23rd of December. We were sure that she would be coming back with new clothes for us, new shoes, toys and jewelry for me since I am the only girl. I can never forget the way she usually measured our feet with broom stick so as to get our actual shoe size.

  1. Christmas meant an opportunity to visit Santa Claus a.k.a father Christmas;

My parents made sure we paid a visit to Santa Claus. We would sing Christmas songs to him, he goes ahead to ask us some questions before handing us our gifts. It was always fun, really.


  1. Christmas meant an opportunity to play with Fireworks a.k.a banger;

As a Nigerian child, whenever Christmas was around the corner, the thought of playing with fireworks leaves us very excited. Those days, what is Christmas without “Knock-Outs”. I remember how I used to tap money from my mum’s purse just so I can buy the said “knock-out”. The excitement of the fireworks comes with its loudness and how it scares people around especially adults.

  1. There was always so much to eat and drink

Christmas those days meant we would get to eat and drink as much as we wanted. We would eat till our tummy would scream “No! I can’t do this again”. Rice and stew with chicken is usually a special dish for Christmas and even though we do eat Rice and stew on ordinary days, the one we eat on Christmas day always seem to have a different taste.


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