Solomon Lar not dead, but on life support- Major Adeyi


Following the speculation that Solomon Lar, ex-PDP chairman had passed on, the Executive Secretary of Solomon Lar Foundation, Mr. Major Adeyi, has said that Lar was not dead, but  on life support.

His words: “Baba (Lar) is not dead, but the truth is that he is on life support. He was discharged from the hospital last week and even read his message to Nigerians on the occasion of Nigeria’s 53rd independence from the on online version of most newspapers. But two days later, he had a relapse and was rushed to the hospital. As I am talking to you now, he is on life support.”

Lar, who is the pioneer chairman of the People’s Democratic  Party, has been undergoing medical treatment in a London hospital for the past one year.


  1. @Ikenna, i wonder if you people read these stories at all before throwing comments. Why calling Tukur’s name now? Nobody has mentioned his name anywhere in the story but you chose to.

  2. @Yetunde: PDP is PDP. whether with Lar or Tukur. And for your information,Anywhere PDP is mentioned, Tukur’s name has been invited. A word is enough for the wise


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