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The ‘size does not matter’ anthem seems to be coming mostly from the men. Have the ‘recipients’ (women)concurred that the ‘size’ (of a man’s instrument) does not matter to them, considering the fact that a lot of studies have shown that women feel fulfilled when ‘it’ is good sized?

If we have to come right down to the ‘size’ argument, then we will need to go by the countless researches, which have all shown that size does indeed matter (sorry, guys)-much as I believe that a man’s instrument is only one (sometimes) small contributor to manly allure, as far as most women are concerned.

Women are emotional beings; it is not likely that a woman will be turned on by the size of your ‘something’ alone, your ‘conduct’ to a woman can also turn her on and that is the kind of ‘turn on’ that every man should be aiming for -with his woman. You are in trouble if a woman’s business with you is just about the size of your ‘john thomas’ because there will always be ‘better sized’ ones. If a woman finds her complete ‘turn on’ in your person basically, it means that she has a ‘connect’ with you and that is when size will not matter anymore. But a woman whose business or lack of it with you is based on your ‘down there’ will always undress (with her eyes/mind) other men that she suspects to be more endowed. You can then imagine the strength of her discipline if an opportunity to ‘experiment’ presents itself!

My point is that ‘loving’ is a totality for us. That is, everything about a man comes into play when it comes to loving. If the size argument is all there is to ‘bedroom feelings,’ then we have to regard the recent study (by scientists) which claims that the size of a man’s instrument does indeed matter-when it comes to pleasuring a woman to the climax. Same study claims that any man’s ‘tool’ that is less than an average remains a ‘scratcher’-regardless of the duration of the foreplay. However, the good news is that, this study did not take the fact that women are emotional beings into cognisance-thus; a whole lot of issues inform a woman’s pleasure or lack of it with her man. Try noting the periods your woman goes all gaga on you, chances are that those are the periods that you have really made her happy. Fact is, every man should endeavour to be good to his woman because it is your ‘goodness’ to a woman that is most likely to bind her loyalty/fidelity to you, not the size of your instrument.

My take on this issue is thus; the size argument cannot hold much water in the analysis of a woman’s pleasure if other factors (like attitude, experience, hygiene, looks, etc.) are divorced from the gist. Did you know that a woman can develop a sudden longing for her man simply by perceiving his kind of cologne on somebody else? Same thing can happen when we meet people whom we think have certain similarities (e.g. tone of voice, carriage etc.) with our men. Meanwhile, the guy that she is yearning for, in this manner might be one dude with a ‘smallie.’ Can such a ‘turn on’ be said to be size based? There is definitely more to it and that is the ‘connect’ that she has with him!
Source: The Punch,


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