Signs relate saga of missing and returned wheelbarrow


Nova Scotia man documented the distinctly Canadian saga of a resident’s missing wheelbarrow with photos of two signs.

Andrew Killawee posted a photo to Facebook on Saturday showing the end of a Nova Scotia resident’s driveway with a hand-painted sign reading, “BRING BACK MY WHEELBARROW.”

“Rural NS crime stoppers,” Killawee wrote.

Killawee may have been joking, but it appears the sign was effective — he posted a second photo Monday showing the sign had been replaced with one reading, “THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK MY WHEELBARROW.”

“I’m not even kidding….” the astonished witness wrote.

The photos went viral after Twitter user Anna Scott posted the photos side-by-side on the microblogging site.

“Well, here’s rural Nova Scotia in two pictures, taken a day apart,” Scott wrote.

Source: UPI


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