Shun PDP Members, Buhari’s Supporters in C’River Tell President

With the inauguration of the National Assembly and expected nomination  of a new federal executive council by President Muhammadu Buhari, his supporters in Cross River State have cautioned against appointing any member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) into his cabinet.

Speaking to THISDAY on Friday  Secretary of a group  under the aegis of the Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) in Cross River State, Comrade Cletus Ogban, said the call became expedient because some known PDP members from the state who campaigned against Buhari and worked assiduously against his victory at the March 28, 2015 presidential election were using every means to scheme to be appointed ministers by the President.

The secretary of the BSO spoke against the backdrop that he was likely to appoint one of the top politicians of the PDP from the state as minister.

The speculations became rife following separate visits paid to Buhari after his victory at the polls by the former governor of the state, Mr. Donald Duke, and the eminent persons in the state led by Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) former Leader Of The Senate.

Ogban who urged Buhari to appoint his ministers and other aides from the ranks the APC only, said “the members of the BSO would resist the appointment of any PDP member into the federal executive council by the President. The APC is rich in men and women who can deliver the party’s manifesto and development plans for Nigeria”.

Ogban, currently the chairman of the APC caucus for northern senatorial district of the state said having sacrificed a lot for the party, especially during the last general elections; members of the group would stop the PDP members from reaping where they did not sow.

“We as Buhari’s supporters were battered, were under serious confrontation; a lot of us were imprisoned by the security agencies that were all out to deliver Jonathan in Cross River State. We are yet to overcome the colossal damage from the struggle which we went through. Now, we begin to see members of the PDP who were themselves part of our problems coming to scheme for ministerial positions.

“A lot of them in their communities like in Ikom, in the ward where the senate leader came from; there was a law that anybody who votes for Bunari will be fined. Our agents who dared to vote for Buhari were made to pay a fine of N50, 000 and a goat,” he said.

“ We experienced this kind of thing even in Obudu, in Ohum ward; the same thing happened. A lot of our members were fined for bringing out brooms and tying them across their verandas. The chiefs declared that tying brooms across the compound was bad omen and our members were made to pay fines ranging from N10, 000 to N50, 000 and livestock, so these were some of the troubles we passed through occasioned by the same PDP people who are now parading the corridors of power visiting Buhari,” Ogban said.
Ogban alleged it is feared within the APC circle that a former governor of the state who is a known member of PDP is being considered for ministerial appointment and somebody Buhari will work with from Cross River state.

Ogban said “It is disturbing. It has become necessary that we talk to the world while we talk to Buhari. We are also telling the APC across the country that in Cross River State we will resist any such arrangement where a PDP person is made to benefit from the crisis and the torture and suffering which we have passed through in their hands. We will resist it.

“There is no correlation between the former governor and President Buhari.
They don’t share the same philosophy; they don’t share the same ideology even in governance because we see what happened in Cross River State. We have not been able to overcome the damages that were inherent in his administration in the state. This governor invested in white elephant projects that were financed with local government funds. The past PDP administrations in the state were very inhuman that people died mysteriously.

“ Ideologically, administratively, I don’t see any basis , so my appeal  , my request to his Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari, is that the people who worked for the success of the APC in Cross River State may not be very high and big names which are known, but we are prepared to recommend at any given time, and demand, those who can work, who have the spirit to continue to work to unite and develop the party , even beyond this success because we are looking at 2019 with a view to take over the state . And therefore, we need to plan and work assiduously and set up a goal for ourselves so, we will be able to make success.”

Ogban who was the state deputy chairman of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) said “they will resist any person who cannot stay in his party, but chooses to dabble into the affairs of the APC because they are looking for political appointments”.

He told members of the PDP to remain in their party and play the opposition role expected of them.

Ogban said the APC members played the role of opposition until the party won the last general elections, and depended democracy in the country.

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