Should I tell him I already had a child?


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Dear Auntie Dora,

My name is Chisom and I’m in love with a guy called Kunle  whom I met in the university. We are everything to each other and never kept secrets from each other. But there is this secret I wouldn’t want to reveal to him.

I am a single mother; I had a baby girl in my form 4 for a guy who never loved me and rejected me simply because I was carrying his unborn child.

It is three years we have been together and Kunle he has proposed marriage to me. Shall I come clean to him of my deceptive life?

I love Kunle like no other man but the little secret I have concealed from him these years is now hunting me.

I am confused and at the same time scared of losing him. I am afraid of having to start all over again.

Please Auntie Dora, do I tell Kunle that I have a child and end the relationship or do I continue to keep my little secret and live my desired life with him as my husband?


Dear Chisom,

Do you really love Kunle as you claimed because if you do, you would have told him your little secret a long time ago.  You made a terrible mistake by not opening up to him at the beginning of your relationship. You have made him build trust in you and suddenly you are becoming a stranger by telling him that you have been lying all along.

I must be candid with you, telling him now is the right thing to do. If you fail to tell him, definitely he will find out some day and you can never predict how he will react.

I will urge you to tell him. If he truly loves you, though difficult, he will surely forgive you. And if he decides to end the relationship, you have to accept it as a useful lesson for not opening up to him about that aspect of your life very early in your relationship



  1. Telling him will be the wisest decision u have ever taken in ur life and i assure u that the consequence will not be unhealthy 4 ur relationship.

  2. u shuld ve kwn ur keeping d secret was deadly! Howeva, its nt 2 late to remedy d situation. I’m sure he wil frown @ u telling him d truth bt he wil 4give u if d luv is dere.


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