Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Provides Energy Solutions For Secure Installations

The energy juggernaut Schneider Electric has given electricians the tools and technical know-how they need for secure installations.

Ajibola Akindele, the country president of Schneider Electric in West Africa, said this at a networking event to thank partners who have helped the company grow in the energy sector and guaranteed partners and consumers of quality and effective service.

Akindele continued by saying that her clients’ global energy management goals continue to be the company’s top priority.

He stated: “At the core of Schneider Electric is a passion for people. To guarantee the safety of our customers, an initiative has been created to equip electricians with products and technical skills for safe installation.”

Akindele ho expressed his gratitude said: “Our partners’ satisfaction is crucial to enhancing our individual efforts, and we are thankful for their unwavering support. Their partnership has been instrumental in our success as an organization, and we remain committed to working collaboratively to achieve our shared goals.”

Nurudeen Oyedeji, the channel sales director at Schneider Electric, highlighted a number of the company’s most recent energy management products, saying: “We have Electrical Vehicle (EV) Chargers, flexible design switches, circuit breakers, switchboards, Building Management Systems (BMS) and other energy solutions designed for residential and small businesses, buildings, data centres, and industries. We look forward to a continuous collaboration with our partners to drive innovation and create sustainable energy solutions for the future.”

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