Saudi Prince celebrates degree with $20million


Prince Fahd al-Saud, son of the Late Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz al- Saud of Saudi Arabia is reported to have spent over 15million euros (approximately $19.5 million) to celebrate his degree at Disneyland near Paris.

The celebration was a three day fun fair event which took place between 22 – 24 May.

The Prince booked for the entire Disneyland to host his 60 guests to a treat. According to a report AFP cited Euro Disney, it said “the festivities included tailor-made events involving “rare Disney characters” as well as special security for the prince, who is said to be one of the park’s top customers.”

In its statement, the group that run the theme park opined that last year, the park attracted about 16million visitors but Euro Disney never made such a huge profit since its 20 years of establishment.






  1. Why nt touch life wt ur substance instead of extravagant spendings! well everyone with his\her own drive… what drives u, i mean u?


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