Sanusi tells Nigerians to blame Buhari, not Tinubu, for economic hardship

Mohammed Sanusi, who used to be the boss at the Central Bank of Nigeria, talked about who’s to blame for Nigeria’s hard times. He said we shouldn’t just point fingers at President Tinubu. 

Instead, he thinks it’s Muhammadu Buhari, the president before Tinubu, who didn’t handle the economy well.

Sanusi spoke at a meeting online in Abuja. He said the past government didn’t manage the economy right. They didn’t listen to good advice on fixing things.

He also said he won’t criticize Tinubu for the country’s current problems. He explained that he’s been warning about these issues for years. He thinks Nigerians will face even more problems if things don’t change.

Sanusi mentioned that Nigeria owes a lot of money, both inside the country and abroad. He said the Central Bank of Nigeria alone owes more than N30 trillion. That’s a lot of money, and it’s hard to pay back.

“If I am to be fair and just to President Bola Tinubu, he is not to blame for the current hardship; for eight years, we were living a fake lifestyle with huge debt from foreign and domestic debts. The Central Bank of Nigeria owes over N30 trillion, which resulted in debt service surpassing 100 per cent.

He thinks it’s not fair to blame Tinubu for the hard times. Instead, he blames the past government for not managing things well.

Sanusi mentioned that the country printed too much money, which made the value of the Naira drop. This means people had to pay more Naira to buy things.

He also talked about some people making money by selling dollars. Sanusi thinks this is unfair because they are making money while others suffer.

Sanusi’s message to everyone is to bear with the tough times and help those who are struggling. He also advises people to live within their means and not spend more than they earn.

“I am also pleading with commoners to live according to their earnings; we must not peg our lives above our earnings in this difficult situation where people are looking for what to eat.”

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