Sanusi And The First Law Of Power


Early in the morning of 20/02/2014, the whole of Nigeria’s social media went agog with this captivating headline-“President Jonathan suspends Lamido Sanusi as CBN Governor, appoints Dr. Sarah Alade, Acting Governor”. Like many Nigerians, the news came to me as a surprise, I wouldn’t belief till I read the full statement by the President’s media aide Dr Reuben Abati.


I wouldn’t bother myself writing about SLS sins, we all know that GEJ’s apologist claims are jejune. Mr President’s apologist would argue anytime anyday that the fact that SLS is loud about his submissions led 2 his sack. They will tell you that if you understand work ethics (master-servant relationship very well) you do not start causing unnecessary instability in a system you are employed in. Their point is that if you feel you can not be part of the system “resign” instead of causing more problem for your boss. They claim SLS statements about the economy, his actions and utterances are HIGHLY unbecoming of a central bank governor. The summary of their argument is that the CBN is so important to the country’s economy that a negative appraisal of the economy made so boldly and forcefully by the CBN governor can cause a lot of problem and heat up the polity. Rather, I’ll write about the lessons that an average public servant can learn from SLS suspension.


In a desperate attempt to oust Him from the position of the CBN governor, Mr President had first advised SLS to go on a mandatory leave but Sanusi said he is going nowhere and can not be sacked. His confidence is built on the fact that “The central bank is an independent institution, (and there is a section of the act that says the president cannot remove the governor without two-thirds of the senate,” What Mr SLS and other noble public servants like him fail to understand is that Mr President is an apostle of Machiavelli. Wayback 2011, in an article I titled “DAMN IT! OURS IS A DAMNLESS SOCIETY” I was the first to warn the Nigerian people that Mr President is not as clueless as they think, I argued that Mr President understands the Laws of Power in their unvarnished essence and that He beliefs in synthesizing the philosophies of Machiavelli. Three years after, I still stand to be corrected. Whether Mr President can suspend the truth or not is an argument for another day.


All those who accuse Mr President of cluelessness should learn from this:

1. When Sanusi embarrassed the president, saying GEJ cannot sack him, the president kept quiet.

2. Mr President allowed Sanusi to reach his high, allowed him to feel all was well, in fact Sanusi was part of the delegation that received the president at the Emirs palace in Kano few days ago. Sanusi felt secured.

3. As the CBN government for over 5 years he knew about all Yaradua/GEJ, he knows so much about the NNPC but he said nothing until an election year, but while he was dancing his victory dance at the tail end of his career looking to end on a high, GEJ has pulled the rug off his feet disgracing him and his gang of praise singers.


Here is the lesson you must learn if you are in Mr President’s cabinet and you really want to last or if you are a public servant:

“Always make those above you feel comfortably superior, in your desire to please or impress them, don’t go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite- inspire fear and insecurity, make your master appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the height of power”.

Lesson: Never outshine the Master!

Bye Bye Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.


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