Salisu Yusuf’s Ban Laughable, Nigerians Say

Nigerians and sports enthusiasts are seeing the one year ban and $5000 fine handed down to the former Super Eagles handler, Salisu Yusuf as laughable and a mere slap on the wrist.
This head coach of the home based Super Eagles was allegedly captured in a video by undercover journalists, where he received the sum of $1000 to influence team selection.
In the video, Yusuf allegedly accepted the cash gift offered by Tigers Player’s Agency, an undercover journalist, purportedly acting on behalf of players Osas Okoro and Rabiu Ali, for their inclusion in the list of players for 2018 CHAN competition in Morocco.
The Nuhu Ribadu led Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) committee on Ethics and Fair Play, in accordance with Art. 22, FIFA Disciplinary Code, found him guilty and banned him for of one year, from partaking or involvement or participation in any football related activity.
He was also fined in the sum of $5,000 to be paid within three (3) months of the date of the decision.
This decision has not gone down well with lovers of the round leather game in the country, as they have sought for a more stringent punishment on the coach who earns a minimum of $3000 every month.
Lerd Chigbo, a twitter user averred that in a sane country, the coach would have resigned after the circulation of that video of him receiving bribe, but, this is Nigeria.
According to Chigbo, “in a sane country, NFF ought to fire (not suspend) him after said misconduct, but, this is Nigeria”.
Kelechi Nkoro, a broadcast sports journalist opined that the one year ban and $5000 fine is a shame to our country while the NFF is a big Joke.
Similarly, a sportscaster, Bolarinwa Olajide said that Coach Salisu Yusuf should not have bothered the NFF Ethics Committee.
He should have resigned, because it is not a good example when you are found guilty of bribery, you lose respect and honour from everyone, especially your players, but it is understandable in this part to not ‘walk away.’
Another sports lover with twitter handle superstar influencer disclosed Salisu Yusuf is another example that indeed it pays to be a criminal in Nigeria where tolerable corruption is the order of the day.
“Steal money, Collect Bribe, Give Bribe When caught, bribe the panelists Get a soft punishment Same system!” he said.


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