Running for Nigeria was a big mistake- Asunmnu


Sprinter, Gloria Asunmnu, a member  Team Nigeria  in Moscow at the 14th IAAF World Championships said she regretted her decision to adorn in green white and green in the Sports game, instead of USA, her country of birth during the tournament two years ago.

 ‘’Choosing to run for Nigeria was a decision I thought I made for the better but in turn I’m starting to think it was a big mistake.

“It’s not (the Athletic Federation of Nigeria) set up for you to be the best you can be,’’ she wrote.

The Tulane University, USA graduate, who crashed out at the semi-final stage of the game, said choosing to run for Nigeria even though she lost her chances of being included in the USA team prior to that decision inhibited her speedy growth as a sprinter.


  1. U re free to choose the Association that can bring the best in u! Afteral u re USA citizen by birth… But that should not make u speak of Nigeria like that.

  2. The Athletic Federation of Nigeria should see her comment as a challenge and so devise means,put everything in place and do everything possible help future athletes bring out the best in them. And not raining insults anytime a person expresses his or her feelings.


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