Rooney slaps 6ft7 British wrestler


Manchester united skipper, Wayne Rooney, in front of his son, Kai, slapped 6ft7 British WWE super star, Wade Barrett, on Monday night.

The 30-year-old Manchester united captain attended the world wrestling entertainment show with his fellow former Manchester united team mates and legends Ryan Giggs and Darren fletcher.

[youtube id=”T05S0VJ8kHI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The British WWE star said: “In this ring are two men who can be described as having championship material,” said Barrett.

“Which is more than can be said for Wayne Rooney and Manchester United.”

The 6ft7 British WWE star approached Wayne Rooney and at this point the Manchester United captain, frowning, slapped the wrestler, drag the attention of the crowd.

It all ended peacefully as the wrestler did not retaliate.

Regardless of the slap, it was reported that Rooney and his fellow ex-Manchester ​U​nited team-mates had a wonderful night as they all had photos taken together with their fellow attendees.


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