Roadside Food Seller Appreciates Abuja Environmental Protection Team for ‘Repenting’


At a time many traders and business owners are crying over low patronage, a roadside food seller simply identified as Mama Precious is counting her blessings, appreciating the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) team for soft-pedalling and providing them an enabling environment.

Mama Precious who is also called ‘Headquarters’ by colleagues and associates sells fried plantain, yam, peppered meat and fish near the Central Business District in Abuja.

At her food-stand popularly called ‘bukka’ at about lunchtime, she was so busy that she had to strive hard to make out time to speak with The News Chronicle. Customers, including staff of government establishments, were trooping in and out to have a taste of her delicacies. They were thronging on her team of employees that they had no time to talk much or go ‘recess.’

According to Mama Precious, she enjoys every moment at her place of business adding that though her husband is working and fending for the family, the business is another major source of income for the family.

She disclosed that though the AEPB team they dread so much is no longer harassing them as before, traders in the territory are forbidden from erecting any major shelter to shield them from the sun and rain.

“Had it been it was in the past, we would be on our toes not knowing when they would invade and cart away our wares. Thank God that they have soft-pedalled in their approach. They now look at us with a human face and we can now carry out our business without much fear,” she stated.

She is proud of her business and hopes she could get a decent place to set up a restaurant so that she doesn’t have to operate in an open space.


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