Rivers State donates to ECOWAs to curb Ebola


Abuja – The Rivers State government has announced the donation of thousands of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in support of member states affected by the outbreak of Ebola.

The 5 000 PPEs are aimed at curbing the scourge that has claimed more than

5000 lives from the more than 13 000 reported cases, mainly in the region.

According to a statement from ECOWAS headquarters in Abuja, the donation was announced by Rivers Health Commissioner Dr. Sampson Parker while receiving ECOWAS delegation in the Capital Port Harcourt.

Parker also disclosed that the state is contributing 100 volunteer health workers to the pool of 500 pledged by Nigeria to assist ECOWAS countries affected by Ebola.

“In making the contributions, as a gesture of solidarity, our Governor is assuring our brothers and sisters in the region and indeed, the whole world that there is hope that Ebola can be defeated, going by our experience in Nigeria.”

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He attributed the success recorded in the state to the robust political leadership, strong commitment of the health workers and support from development partners and stressed the need for sustained alert so as not to lose the gains already achieved.

“Until we win the war, we cannot rest on our oars,” the Commissioner said,

The Commissioner said the state is still in a state of readiness with sustained epidemiological surveillance, point of entry vigilance, sensitization and social mobilization. He said the State Governor personally led the “war” with mass mobilization of health workers complemented by strong support of the Federal authorities and development partners.

The ECOWAS delegation led by Dr Mariane Ngoulla, was in the state on information gathering to document the success stories of ECOWAS response and stakeholder interventions and the challenges from the Ebola outbreak.

– CAJ News

Sourced from http://www.news24.com.ng/National/News/Rivers-State-donates-to-ECOWAs-to-curb-Ebola-20141117


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