Reps demand Keshi’s immediate sack, as NFF technical committee meets Wednesday


The House of Representatives Committee on Sports Tuesday mandated the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to sack without delay Coach Stephen Keshi, noting that the 2013 African Nations Cup winner has nothing else to offer to the national team.

  The Committee also directed the federation to defend within seven days the monies it received from world football governing body, FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) as grants, as well as the funds from sponsors and the Federal Government.

  The committee gave the order Tuesday when members of the NFF board went to defend their 2015 budget at the National Assembly. It regretted that despite the dismal performance of Coach Keshi as manager of the national team in recent times, the NFF has continued to romance with him.

  Chairman of the committee, Godfrey Ali Gaiya, observed that even though the body language of the NFF suggests they do not want Keshi to continue as Eagles’ coach, the federation is scared of sacking because they believe that certain top powers are behind him.

  “You attributed our inability to qualify for the last Nations Cup to the NFF leadership crisis that distracted you. You were not properly focused to qualify. I am very concerned that we may have gotten over the crisis of leadership, but one crisis that is lurking now is even of a more serious magnitude than that of leadership. That is the crisis of who is our national coach.

  “I know that basically a team is made of the players and coaching crew. You cannot have a team without a technical crew. If since July 2014 and we are now in March, we have not been able to settle the issue of who is our national team coach, I think the prayers of my colleagues and the yearnings of majority of Nigerians that our tram will do well at all times may still be truncated.

  “I have seen the body language of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) on its choice of national team coach. I have also seen the utterances of the person you want to employ as national team coach. It is obvious that you do not have a coach and the NFF body language does not seem to support the quest for Keshi to continue as Eagles’ coach. The average Nigerian on the street believes too that Keshi has done his best and it is time for him to take a bow. My committee believes that even when he gas done his best, he should quit now that the ovation is loudest. You will agree with me that in the last 14 matches he has executed as Super Eagles coach, the results have been a dismal failure.

 “I do not think as a committee that we can sit back here and watch the fortune of our darling national team go in tatters because somebody somewhere is not willing to do what is right. If the NFF lacks the capacity or boldness to tell Keshi to go that they don’t need him again, they should bring him before our committee so that we can tell him to his face.”

  The Committee did not allow the NFF the chance to defend its 2015 budget proposals following what it described as refusal of the federation to adhere to its demand that it must explain in details all the money it received from FIFA, CAF as well as its sponsorship deals in 2014 and how they were spent.

  The NFF, represented by First Vice President, Seyi Akinwumi, in what looked like a reminder to the committee that it is not under any obligation to explain what it gets from both FIFA and CAF, as well as how all the grants are spent, submitted to the House only the details of how it spent the N1.56 billion the Federal Government approved for it in 2014.

 But Gaiya rejected the 2014 budget appraisal document submitted by the football federation, maintaining that it is within the purview of the Parliament to look into any funds, including gifts from affiliate international bodies and the way and manner they are utilized. He insisted that the committee would not look into the 2015 appropriation submitted by NFF until the federation has furnished it with full details of all funds that accrued to it in the outgoing year.

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