Religious Violence engulfs Central African Republic


Sustained violence and looting in the Central African Republic have resulted in the death of nine persons and in the lynching of minority Muslims.

It is reported that the latest assault in the former French colony include mob attacks and assassination attempts targeting prominent citizens.

Fighting broke out recently between Christian vigilantes and Muslims in the west of the capital, Bangui. Many buildings were destroyed and valuable property looted.

According to Al-jazeera, a suspected Christian militia member killed another Muslim civilian, and was about to burn the body when Rwandan soldiers of the African peacekeeping force MISCA shot him.

The shooting prompted an angry crowd to shout slogans against the Rwandan soldiers whom they mistakenly believed to be Muslim. Five other people were killed in unclear circumstances.

Lately, there has been an increase in deadly attacks and counter attacks between Muslims and Christians in the country. And the situation seems to be deteriorating.


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