Dear Sir/Ma

My name is Felix and I need your advice on what to do. I am happily married with three kids and work in a company that is into Tourism, Basically, my unit of specialty is administration. I have been with the company for years and behold this year the company decided to absorb new team into our company for more staff strength and one of the new employees was posted to my office to work as a Public relation officer.

This new staff happened to be a lady and not just any lady but a beautiful, sexy, intelligent and witty one.  We became good friends in no time and believe me I look forward to more meetings with her because she makes me laugh and I tend to appreciate life more when am in her company.

A couple of weeks ago, we became real pals and I say real ones. We talk about everything and anything. I asked if she has a boyfriend, she laughed and said I have a fiancé. In my mind I was upset, but why should I be I said to myself, am married and I love my wife.  But mehnn what I feel for this lady is something unexplainable; I just want to have her all to myself.

In a bid to save the friendship, I told her okay can I meet your boyfriend and that was it, the fiancé and I became friends but deep down I know he is my rival.

I stayed at work late and when I get home my wife in her calm nature will welcome me and say Honey food is served, so that gave me more wings to fly and there I went plotting more ways for Annabel to see me for the me I am. And that me is the love I have for her.

A couple of months ago, she had a party in her house and I stayed behind to help her set up as her man was out of town. One thing led to another and we made love.

It was fantastic and I instantly fell in love with her. She said I should leave her home that she is in love with her fiancé, I then said then why did you make me do it, she said I have feelings for you but that’s just what it is, I can’t define the feeling and that’s why I decided to let you have your way. My way I screamed, what way, you know I love you, you know I always want to be around you.

She said yes I do but believe me we’ve had sex and yes I gave you my body willingly but if only I can define what I feel for you then maybe just maybe I would say I did love you. I asked her slowly this time, what can I do to make you love me, I moved closer this time my lips is caressing her ear and she gave in again. This time I just want to take it slow and give in my best, we had sex and her face beamed with smiles, she said I like the way you do it and the way you make me feel.

She, however, made it clear that it was a one-night stand and that she is very much in love with her fiancé

My problem now is that I just can’t stop thinking about her and our love-making. I long to touch her. I’m not really the promiscuous type and I thought what I had with my wife was good. But it was magic with this girl. Although she says it’s over, I cannot bear the thought that I’ll never make love to her again.



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  1. This guy sounds like one of my very foolish friend who is a top Bank executive in his early thirties, happily married to a beautiful woman with two beautiful daughters and a boy, but he hides under the excuse of not getting to enjoy his bachelorhood as his reason for running after other vulnerable gals in his office.

    The only prayer i wish people like you is to catch Gono or Syphilis, maybe you go get head.


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