Reactions Trail the Brutal Assault, Murder of Nigerians in India


On October 31, 2013, a Nigerian, resident in Goa province in India was brutally murdered by Indians. The body of the Nigerian man, Simeon Obodo was generously stabbed and he died of severe internal and external hemorrhage.

According to Nigerians in Goa, the Indian Police displayed laxity in investigating the case. This did not go down well with Nigerians; thus, they staged a protest in the city, demanding the police to immediately investigate the murder and bring the culprits to justice.

Following the protest, the police further complicated the issue by arresting over 54 Nigerian protesters and immediately placed them under 14 days police custody for riot. As though the police have been waiting for the moment, a manhunt was declared on Nigerians in Goa. “A crackdown has been declared on illegal Nigerian immigrants,” the statement read.

Days later, a Nigerian was filmed as he physically hosted extreme assault from  Indians. He was severely beaten even when he was defenseless. Some have argued that the police tactically supported his assault before they pretended to be on his rescue after they were satisfied with his assail.

The assault video which has since traveled the length of the world has sparked furious criticism from Nigerians all around the world.

Speaking to our correspondents, some Nigerians have condemned the assault and murder; calling on authorities to investigate the case. Some have warned that if something is not done, it may spark up a reprisal assault on innocent Indians who are resident in Nigeria.

“The police in India should investigate the matter as soon as possible; we want to see the culprits  brought to book. Otherwise, the safety of all the Indians in Nigeria may not be guaranteed,” Ikechukwu Eze said.

“Indians in Nigeria whether legal or illegal immigrants, live and move freely in Nigeria. There is no way this kind of treatment can be meted out on them. It is really unfair for someone to be assaulted like that Nigerian in that video. It is not good, and it should not happen again. Let us all live in peace,” Omawunmi Akintunde noted.

Some furious Nigerians however called on the Nigerian Government to intervene in the issue.

Gabriel Jibu said: “This kind of violence cannot be perpetrated on an American or a European. Nigerians should not be a trash bin where any nation can trash assault on. Nigerian Government must and should speak up and react in any way possible to make sure this madness does not re-occur in the future.”

Others advocated for a reprisal attack on Indians to send a strong message of anger across to them.

“Nigerians are very hospitable people; we love and respect foreigners, Indians inclusive. But when our hospitality is repaid with assault, we should also rise and assert ourselves. Let Nigerians treat some Indians in like manner and send them the video. Let us know how they will feel,” Ajibutu Adiok said.

“Why are Nigerians always at the receiving end? I don’t know why most people think they can assault Nigerians and get away with it. Something needs to be done, and soon,”

Others were however of the opinion that Nigerians in foreign lands should be well-behaved and conduct themselves in respectable manner to evoke respect from natives. They are of the opinion that most Nigerians abroad behave in atrocious manner, hence the hatred and ill-treatment they receive.

“If a group of Yoruba or Hausa youths tried what Nigerians did in Goa in a place like Onitsha, Aba or Umuahia; another ALUU4 would happen. What kind of stupidity drives an illegal immigrant to barricade streets and attack police in a foreign land because of perceived injustice? The locals are not fools, they will certainly react,” – Ife wrote in an online forum.

“What happened in that video was very bad and unacceptable. However, I do think Nigerians also need to start acting right whenever they are in foreign countries especially the hostile ones. Every sane person knows that Indians are racists, even outside their own country. So why go there and give them more reasons to hate you? India is just one of the third world countries, where Nigerians are treated this way. The same thing has happened in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Malaysia. Evidently, Nigerians in these countries are also culpable in whatever reaction they get from the locals because, they are not the only black immigrants there,” Hypeman said in a forum discussion.

“Let us face the truth, let us ask ourselves the bitter question: why is virtually every nation reacting to us this way? The answer is simple – our attitude and behaviour. We should know how to behave, especially in a foreign land. If we are disliked in West Africa, Africa, Europe, USA, China and now in India, then there must be a problem with us.

“But we Nigerians love to deceive ourselves. We are not facing the bitter truth that our ways and attitudes have become nuisance to many countries.

“I was in Ghana in December 2012, at a night club in La, near Accra. There were some Nigerian boys (Igbo) who were fomenting trouble and disturbing guests at the club. One of them attacked a man in the club. The bouncer at the club had to grab him, held his legs and hands and flung him on the club premises like a log of wood. I told my colleagues, that it is because of this kind of irresponsible and disgusting attitude that makes other people develop dislike and anger against us.

“I hope this guy (assaulted by Indians) would receive adequate treatment and also get compensation for the injuries and harm done to him. But we Nigerians need to change our attitude and behaviour if we want other countries to treat us with better respect,” Mike Apollo said.

“Just this year alone, Nigerians are being deported en mass from South Africa, Kenya, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Tunisia, Botswana, Zambia, USA, UK, Portugal, Spain, Ireland etc.

“These are countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and America – Worldwide. At some point, the question must be asked, does the world have a problem or do Nigerians have a problem?” Mike Jagger.

The Indian Police Force, however said, they have commenced investigation into the alleged assault of Nigerians and have arrested a local in connection with the murder of Simeo Obodo, the Nigerian that was killed in Goa.

The Police have advised Nigerians in the province to remain calm and not take laws into their hands as they have assured that the killer(s) of the Nigerian will be brought to justice.


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