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Each of my articles in the last three weeks generated loads of responses. I have always cherished the idea of publishing periodically the readers’ responses to my articles because apart from telling me how readers deconstruct my modest efforts, they also give me an insight into the binoculars through which my readers filter reality. Some responses will bring new insights to an argument or expand the scope of the discourse. I appreciate all those feedbacks, including those from my unrepentant critics.

After my piece on ‘APC will be making a mistake on Muslim-Muslim ticket’ (3 April 2014), in which I received over 70 text  responses and several emails as well as reactions on daily Trust’s website, I planned to publish some of those reactions the following week. However a heated discussion with one of the readers over the phone and his challenge  to me to name what would be a winning ticket for APC – a challenge I initially declined – led to the piece, ‘Tambuwal will be PDP’s nightmare scenario’ (10 April 2014). The article on Tambuwal generated as much interest and readers’ reaction as the one on Buhari. I again planned to publish some of the reactions the following week but then came the horrific Nyanya suicide bombing and all the anger and emotions it triggered in most Nigerians.

This week I am devoting the page to publish a selection of  the reactions in my last two articles – those I feel are representative of the different perspectives mirrored in those reactions. I would have liked to include one or two of reactions to my article on ‘APC will be making a mistake with Muslim-Muslim ticket’ but space does not permit so.  The reactions have been edited for grammar and brevity.

 Re: A nation at war with itself

‘This sounds brilliant and clear-hearted. Suicide is an anathema – a taboo – in  pre-colonial Africa and Islam teaches that Hell is the destination of anyone that commits suicide or takes other people’s life unjustly or extra-judicially.

BOKO HARAAM is a rampaging scourge of manifest and epidemic delusion. It is a cancerous growth fed by prolonged and heightened bad leadership in the ill-planned, and thoughtlessly secular adventures that has landed Nigerian masses into a murkily evil Valley of GLOOM and MUTUAL DISTRUST. I see better need for declaration of Emergency on EDUCATION rather than the MILITARY STATE OF EMERGENCY that has so far benefited budgeting OFFICERS locally and possibly ARMS DEALERS abroad. Iraq of the “bad” Saddam era witnessed no suicide bombing. The first IRAQI suicide bombing was recorded AFTER its invasion by US & Co.

Broad and sounder EDUCATION that is not limited by secular faith/considerations will widen the horizons to build the MENTALITY of human and virtuous values for humane and nobler REASONING and MUTUAL COMPASSION. This is the road to genuine PEACE which I see as a Coin with 2 faces of TRUTH & JUSTICE.

It is only unfortunate nonetheless that GEJ who is supposed to be in-charge as the President of all Nationalities & Groups/Camps has conducted himself so far as a member, collaborator, or facilitator of the Southern party of the unhelpful conjectures as illustrated in Adibe’s article. His inconsistent/vague approaches and disingenuous body languages as well as public effusions of his aides/foot-soldiers appear only commensurate as best example of a Football Referee that seeks professional integrity/relevance and career longevity by becoming Club management member of One of the contending Football teams. GEJ once insisted MEND could never have been responsible for the eagle square bombing. But the MEND point-man who is currently serving jail-terms in South Africa for TERROR affair had exposed Cabinet-GEJ’s complicity in a “BLAME-IT-ON-THE-NORTH” agenda!

Things, I believe, would not have gone worse this far if GEJ’s had not deemed/approached TERROR fight as FIGHT AGAINST POLITICAL Oppositions. This is also not to suggest that his RIVAL political party operators have been any wiser or more mature in styles and response.

Plato who is putatively or arguably the historic global patriarch of Philosophy lived several thousands of years before the birth of Muhammad and Jesus; he yet stressed so much on the need for VALUE project and protections while cautioning against carefree CULTURE OF LOOSE LIBERTIES, & LICENTIOUSNESS that may soon turn our modernity into a Jungle of Beasts. A foreign Leadership Consultant not long ago contributed “THE NEED TO PRIORITIZE ON CHARACTER TRAINING IN OUR EDUCATION” to the last Education Summit. He submitted in conclusion that Nigeria will continue to breed ENEMIES of its Economy unless our Education helps our Character molding.

May God help us to resolve and work together accordingly so that dignity of Man is restored and his blood returns never to be defiled again anywhere and by no one.

Abdul Rahman Yusuf, Lagos’ (comment on Daily Trust’s website).

 ‘Dear Adibe,

I always read your column on Daily Trust and comment on Boko Haram issue, but what struck me was that most of you do not really come up with suggestions on how to end the menace.  During the September 11 attack on American both Democrats, Republicans, journalists and security chiefs came to aide of their citizens. The issue was not turned into politics.  However back home, the federal governments claims they know those behind Boko Haram, yet they could not come up with names, tomorrow they set up amnesty committee without any result. APC will come up with their own that the president is weak and that he should lift the state of emergency. But if the President does that, do you think the Governors will be in the State House?  Boko Haram will simply take over the states.

CAN will say something today, the ULAMA will say another thing. Please our concern is peace in our region.  Please save  this nation, GOD bless NIGERIA.’

Abdulazeez Sani, by email:

‘The insecurity predicament is symptomatic of the fact that corruption has so degraded this nation to the extent of forgetting the sanctity of life. All the conspiracy theories – from credible to the preposterous, from fifth columnists to the American-British nexus, Jesuit power brokers or even the government-backed, will not be totally swallowed and ring hollow against the backdrop of recent Nigerian propensity to violence. But other events like the Central African religious violence, epidemics in West Africa, South Sudan violence etc.  makes one wonder if there is an anti- African conspiracy.’

John Lagos by text message (08160328540)

Re: Tambuwal as PDP’s nightmare scenario

‘It was all too obvious that your previous article [‘APC will be making a mistake with Muslim-Muslim ticket’] and   the present one were secured on a tight tension and morbid apprehension of a particular candidate. The content therewith was carefully couched with bare intellectual subterfuge to cover them up though. Much as you tried to hide it, the critical mind could just pick it up with ease. We thought public intellectuals,  as you chose to have your public identity,  should first weigh all the inhibiting factors that held  the growth of a nation and thereafter rank them in order of severity .  In our case, our bane is all too known and never needing any intellectual debate. However, you rather chose to close your eyes to the obvious singular draw back that has held our development hostage- corruption.

To drive matter further down this cruel deliberate oversight, you played it down as if all the mitigating factors confronting the nation are equal in magnitude and level of destruction to d nation’s growth. Sure, for you, corruption is not too urgent a problem to the nation, like other ills we are grappling with. A public intellectual should not find it difficult to locate the nexus and the unsophisticated link that runs through all other ills – i.e. corruption.

Your choice of words did not fail you either when you proffered the solution and the quality that your hero should possess to save the nation- vision. Pray with vision, courage charisma, non-divisive personality, youthfulness that can measure well in dire situation with less attention to the evil of corruption

We are also quite sure you never had enough time to tell d public how you scaled the criteria in proportion and adequacy for your hero as truly enough & sufficient for the nation’s therapy. Well done brother. The people have grown in awareness to know when someone is on a hired job –  your last two  articles only suggested, most accurately, not only your discomfort  with the Buhari candidacy, but your masters’ worst fear as well.’

Mohammed Yakubu by email,

Sir, I have been a regular reader of your column and I have always held your opinions in high esteem. Unfortunately you have started losing such as a result of your two recent articles on APC ticket. It seems that PDP and GEJ have started using our highly revered columnists to achieve their mundane objectives. Wake up Sir.’Bala M Tanko, Kano (text message – 08053332393)

‘Dear Dr Adibe. You never disappoint. Your piece has vindicated my position. I am an APC sympathizer and have been canvassing for Tambuwal. Tambuwal/Oshiomhole or Tambuwal/Amaechi or Tambuwal/Fayemi are the party’s most viable options.  Buhari is a good man but his candidacy will not be trusted by the elites in the North and by most people in the South, including in Yorubaland’.

Madaki, Jos, by email:  mdaki23@gmail


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