Re: As Baraje’s faction of PDP joins APC


jideofor_thursdays1My last week’s column on the above elicited several of responses, most of them critical of my position. Below is a selection for the responses received. They have been edited for grammar only.

‘Dr Adibe, let me, as an insider, gist you that the entire APC family has deferred to General Buhari as our 2015 candidate. That is an article of faith. The national maladies of primitive accumulation and elite conspiracy are what give PDP that deceptive and seemingly ‘national’ outlook hailed in your write-up. Wake up Doc!
Text message, no name, 08035908216’.

‘SJ Cookey Politiburo of 1986 recommended  a two party system for Nigeria. APC and nPDP merger is good for Nigerian democracy to grow. Enough of one party show.
Dr Saliu – Text message.’

‘Dear Dr Adibe,

Thanks for your piece on the APC, nPDP merger. I did not expect you to support it. I read  your column regularly because you are usually courageous enough to avoid being part of a bandwagon. It showed in the column. I am sure APC supporters  and those who are fed up with PDP will tear your position to shreds. We shall wait and see. There are hints of bias in the write up but the funny thing is that I have never known you as a PDP supporter. On the contrary you have been consistent in being critical of the Jonathan government – and occasionally conceding one or two things to him. You are also consistently critical of the APC. So where do you stand? I am not sure if you are always objective but this unpredictability of the position you will take on an issue is the big lure of your column even when I disagree with you. Keep it up.

Habu, Kaduna, text message’

‘From a carefully articulated merger to acquisition of an opponent’s main chunk for a dinner party. Only a dreamer still thinks that it is business as usual. It is only a joker who will make fun of this self-inflicted wound, yet will be hoping that his neighbour will share the same grief. The thing for him is to find the courage to remedy his predicament. Every revolution has an unpredictable beginning. This is a predictable sign.

No name, text message: 08036465434’

‘Jide, your calculations are wrong, just wait a little to see for yourself the unfolding scenario between PDP and APC.

Yusuf Agwai Mohammed, Abuja (text message)’

‘Your column shows that you are truly an ageny of PDP. All your calculations will not materialise in sha Allah.

No name, text message, 08026891730’

‘As usual, Dr Adibe, this is a wonderful delivery and I don’t believe there are many out there who can rival your power of analysis. All your predictions in the Anambra state election, including the rigging, which you predicted would happen in a ‘hi-tech manner’, came to pass. I am indifferent to the merger between nPDP and APC. All the politicians are rogues. I don’t believe that just because they are aggrieved with the PDP and were marginalized and finally jumped or were pushed to APC, they have overnight become progressives.

Your piece is a reality call for those who have very unrealistic expectations of the merger of APC with nPDP. What is the ideological glue that binds all the people in PDP or APC together? It is simply the desire to partake in the sharing at the dining table. Anyone telling you something else is a liar or a pretender

LORE, Jos, , email.’

‘Your today’s column in Daily Trust is pure miscalculation. You wrote when the story was still evolving so what you did was pure academicelse, a mere set of hypotheses. As I am sure you know too well, once the underlying assumption is proven to be false, the entire hypothesis falls like a pack of cards.

The write-up  is as usual good and entertaining English and argument but you missed the substance; you forgot that no one gave the group any chance of lasting this long. In fact the panic in the PDP camp now is the fact that the obvious ‘post-merger blues’ which you mentioned has not succeeded in unravelling the group.  The leaders of APC know what is at stake. The more they are expected to fail they stronger they get. The expectations that they will fail has become the strongest bond holding them together.

I had a similar position as you displayed in your column during the talks about the merger. But after listening to ordinary people in the streets, I know this is real. Dr Adibe, I am one of your most dedicated readers. But on this issue, I beg to disagree. You are behind the times. You are probably spending more time in your library than you do with engaging people to feel their pulse.

Onoja J, Makurdi, text message’

‘Sir, with due respect to your position as a columnist, you should have told readers of your page that you are a member of the PDP instead of playing games.

Uche I Nwankwo, Imo State, text message.’

‘Hello Dr Adibe,

I am a regular reader of your column and appreciate your intellectual gifts. But these gifts must be used for the good of the society not to entertain yourself or your readers. You need to take a position and be known and respected (or abused) for the principled positions you take. Where do you stand in the great debates of our time? No one knows. Today you are taking a dig at APC, tomorrow you are hitting PDP, another time you are praising the Labour candidate [for the Anambra governorship election, Ifeanyi Uba). I saw you on AIT during the Anambra governorship election and you were criticising Anambra State Governor Peter Obi, calling him an ethnic jingoist and sympathizing with El Rufai who was restricted to his hotel room by the SSS. Today, in your column you took a position against El Rufai’s party and appeared to be leaning towards PDP, a party you regularly criticize. There is a difference between confusion and objectivity. Nigeria is going through the worst political crisis in its life. Sitting on the fence or hiding behind words is a luxury. For an extremely clever guy like you, you should identify with progressive struggles and calls for positive change.

M. Salisu,, email.’

‘They show their power of greed Jideofor but we pray for God to intervene so that they will not miss this great opportunity.

No name, text message. 08037335151’

‘I want to assure you that Northern politicians, especially in the Northwest cannot accept financial inducement to support GEJ in view of what happened in 2011 when the disaster and calamity of bad governance was not as profound and pronounced as it is today. Believe me, prof, [note: I am not a prof], politicians from that zone have never had it so tough as they do today. Anyone that tries to sell out will be wiped out.

No name, text message, 08072558613.’

‘Adibe, with PDP’s rigging machinery, the APC cannot immediately register any victory
No name, text message, 07032643049’

‘Guess this presentation of yours is best on “hypotheses”. You say your mind, let’s wait and see! Hope and pray that your presumptions prove wrong.
Labaran Hafeez, Jos, Plateau State, text message

‘Indeed it is a welcome development. APC is truly becoming a national party in Nigeria. We pray for good governance.

Bala Abaji, 08032857486, text message.’

‘I appreciate your analytical viewpoint. However the North you repeatedly portray as a patriarchal section of Nigeria will bounce back and suffice it to say we have learnt our lesson, painful though. We have survived the onslaught and we shall continue to endure. Watch it. Payback time is around the corner

No name, text message, 08033592607’

‘It seems you don’t know the number of governors that defected to APC because you are saying ‘is it 2 or 3’? For your information, 5 governors defected to APC as at now and more are coming’.

No name, text message, 08061230394’

‘Jide, your analysis of today’s column, as usual is interesting, but then, you appear to be making projection on probability rather than on objective analysis, often critical of one factor, Buhari, as if the party had already zeroed in on him as the flag bearer, perhaps to poison the good intention to salvage this country from the rot. There are people who are convinced that your style of writing as a political analyst is to influence the minds of the elites as part of a carefully planned design to subject the system as a perpetual process of oppressing the masses. Come sun, come shine, head or tail, PDP days are numbered. This the dawn of a new revolution and you should be part of it.

Rufai Isa, concerned citizen for Better Nigeria, text message.



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