Randy pastor impregnates wife’s niece, female members


A super stud pastor in Enugu puts two in a family way, including his wife’s niece, reports SEGUN ADIO

Says: ‘It’s directive from Holy Spirit’

 An Enugu-based clergy simply identified as Timothy is currently in the eye of the storm after he was allegedly accused of putting his wife’s niece and other female members in the family way. The clergy who is also facing accusation of trafficking members of his church reportedly runs a ministry known as Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity. The church located at Umudikwere, Iheowere Nsukka area of the state, had known no peace as his wife, Veronica, asked the Anti Child Trafficking Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the State Police Command to investigate her husband’s activities.

According to Ebere Amaraizu, spokesperson for Enugu State Police Command, in a release, Veronica had reported to law enforcement agents about her husband’s activities which she claimed ranges from impregnating many female members of the church, including their daughters. The woman reportedly informed law enforcement agents that her husband often carries out these activities she described as heinous acts on the pretext that he was carrying out the directive of the Holy Spirit. More confounding revelations were scooped as security agent’s commenced investigations after picking up the ‘man of God.’ The disturbed wife, it was said, also informed the security officers that Timothy started the practice by putting her own niece, who had come to assist her after she was delivered of a baby, in the family way.

She claimed that when she confronted her husband on the illicit affair, he told her that he was executing a directive of the Holy Spirit. According to her, the clergy continued in the affair even after she advised against it until her niece was put in the family way. “It is not only my niece that he has put in the family way. He has impregnated many church members,” Veronica was quoted as saying. She was said to have expressed shock over her husband’s attitude as, according to her, he used to be a God-fearing man when they were in their former church. “When we newly married, he was God-fearing, but soon after we started our ministry, he became a different person. After he impregnated my niece who came to stay with us and claimed it was a directive from God, he went ahead to impregnate several female members of the church including some of their daughters,” Veronica was quoted as saying.

Two of Timothy’s victims actually corroborated Veronica’s allegations against her husband, saying that they have since moved into Timothy’s vast compound. One, who gave her name as Callista Omeje, reportedly confessed to having left her husband and moved into Pastor Timothy’s house.

Callista, a mother of 10 kids from her first marriage, was reported to have confirmed that she moved into Timothy’s house as his mistress because the man informed her that it was God’s directive for her to do so. She also confirmed to law enforcement agents that she had a stillbirth for Timothy. Callista also alleged that she allowed her own daughter to be put in the family way by the clergy on similar prophecies, in obedience to Timothy’s revelations.

Also speaking, another victim, Assumpta Odo, a mother of eight children, reportedly confirmed that she was Timothy’s lover and wife. According to Enugu police, Assumpta also revealed that one of her daughters was also carrying Timothy’s baby. The police said she claimed she allowed Pastor Timothy into her life in order to carry out God’s instructions.

In his statement, Timothy claimed he had five wives and 13 children and some other mistresses courtesy of the prophetic direction to do the will of God. The state police spokesperson claimed that Timothy confirmed that Veronica used to be his wife, but that they had been separated, saying: “She is a fallen wife looking for what to hang upon.” He reportedly claimed that he never had any amorous affair with any woman without the consent of their husbands and without hearing from the Holy Spirit, describing his acts as purely spiritual.

Amaraizu said that the police are still investigating the matter and expressed hope that in no distant time, investigations would be over as, according to him, Timothy was helping the police operatives in understanding the activities of his ministry and his relationship with members.


Source: National Mirror, http://nationalmirroronline.net/new/randy-pastor-impregnates-wifes-niece-female-members/


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