Python arrested and detained by Canadian Police for killing two brothers


A snake believed to have escaped from a pet shop in Canada province of New Brunswick has reportedly killed two brothers- Noah Barthe, 5, and his seven-year-old brother Connor, who were said to have slept over in a friend’s flat above Reptile Ocean.

In a statement, by the Royal Canadian Police, who were said to have been contacted at 06:30 am, by the owner of the pet shop, who found the two brothers dead, Police said the two dead brothers’ friend and the shop owners’ son slept in another room, and therefore was not harmed by the snake

The police believe the strange python, slipped through a ventilation system into the owner’s flat upstairs and strangled two young boys as they slept.

The Python has since been captured, and kept in the custody of police; pending when the post mortem of the dead brothers are carried out.


  1. Detaining the Python so as to do what? To sue for compensation of the family of the deceased, to charge the owner of the pet shop for murder or to do what? white people dey kolomental…

  2. Even compensation can not be bring back the lives of the little boys. The snake should be killed instead of detention because it can cause more harm.


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