Prince Abi Charges Cross Riverians To Look Beyond Party Lines If The State Must Move Forward


Cross River Born Public Affairs Analyst, Prince Thomas Abi Jr. has called on Cross Riverians to begin to look beyond party lines if the state must move forward.

Prince Abi said the major problem the state has is the problem of party politics.

” The major problem we have today in Cross River State is the problem is the problem of party politics. We have refused to look beyond party lines. All we do is fight and have refused to play advanced politics. We see those who are not in our political party as enemies. And those who share a different views as enemies. We do not see anything good in others if they are not sharing the same views or party or political ideology with us “.

He said Cross Riverians must begin to think beyond politics. Stating that elections are over and that it was now time to work towards moving Cross River forward.

“But the truth, we must begin to think beyond politics. Elections are over, now it is time to sit on the round table and make big, and bold ideas on the ways on how the state can move forward. We must conscientize our people on the need to have a different orientation on how they should operate”.

Prince Abi said the people of the state must change their mentality and must understand that they need each other to grow.

“My friends, we need each other to grow. We must make history and change our mentality. Our perception and the way reason”.

“APC or PDP, we are one. Critics or no critics, we need each other to grow. We must collectively work together for the good of our state and purge ourselves of evil agenda”.

He said his interest is to have a prosperous state. A state that is consolidating and not deconsolidating. While calling on all Cross Riverians to work towards the growth of the state.


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